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over him.  And incapable of controlling him, he riding on the horse, along with the celestials summoning Vrihaspati, spoke to him thus, ’O Vrihaspati, if thou wishest to do what is agreeable to me, do not perform priestly offices for Marutta on behalf of the deities or the ancestral Manes.  I have, O Vrihaspati, obtained the sovereignty of the three worlds, while Marutta is merely the lord of the Earth.  How, O Brahmana, having acted as priest unto the immortal king of the celestials, wilt thou unhesitatingly perform priestly function unto Marutta subject to death?  Good betide thee!  Either espouse my side or that of the monarch, Marutta or forsaking Marutta, gladly come over to me.—­Thus accosted by the sovereign of the celestials, Vrihaspati, reflecting for a moment, replied unto the king of the immortals.  Thou art the Lord of creatures, and in thee are the worlds established, And thou hast destroyed Namuchi, Viswarupa and Vala.  Thou, O hero, alone encompassest the highest prosperity of the celestials, and, O slayer of Vala, thou sustainest the earth as well as the heaven.  How, O foremost of the celestials, having officiated as thy priest, shall I, O chastiser of Paka, serve a mortal prince.  Do thou listen to what I say.  Even if the god of fire cease to cause heat and warmth, or the earth change its nature, or the sun ceases to give light, I shall never deviate from the truth (that I have spoken).

Vaisampayana continued,—­’On hearing this speech from Vrihaspati Indra became cured of his envious feelings, and then praising him he repaired to his own mansion.’


“Vyasa said, ’The ancient legend of Vrihaspati and the wise Marutta is cited in this connection.  On hearing of the compact made by Angira’s son Vrihaspati with the lord of the gods (Indra), king Marutta made the necessary preparations for a great sacrifice.  The eloquent grandson of Karandhama, (Marutta) having conceived the idea of a sacrifice in his mind, went to Vrihaspati and addressed him thus, ’O worshipful ascetic, I have intended to perform the sacrifice which thou didst propose to me once on a previous occasion and in accordance with thy instructions, and I now desire to appoint thee as officiating priest in this sacrifice, the materials whereof have also been collected by me.—­O excellent one, thou art our family priest, therefore do thou take those sacrificial things and perform the sacrifice thyself.’

Vrihaspati said, ’O lord of the earth, I do not desire to perform thy sacrifice.  I have been appointed as priest by the Lord of the gods (Indra) and I have promised to him to act as such.’

Marutta said, ’Thou art our hereditary family priest, and for this reason I entertain great regard for thee, and I have acquired the right of being assisted at sacrifices by thee, and therefore it is meet that thou shouldst officiate as priest at my sacrifice.’

Vrihaspati said, ’Having, O Marutta, acted as priest to the Immortals, how can I act as such to mortal men, and whether thou dost depart hence or stay, I tell thee, I have ceased to act as priest to any but the Immortals.  O thou of mighty arms, I am unable to act as thy priest now.  And according to thy own desire, thou canst appoint any one as thy priest who will perform thy sacrifice.’

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