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I took to the observance of the vow of uttering certain Mantras silently without being heard by anybody.  Verily, from that day I resolved to accomplish whatever behests I should receive from the Brahmanas.  Having adopted this vow, O son, along with thy mother, both of us, with hearts filled with joy re-entered our palace, Entering our house I saw that everything which the Rishi had broken or burnt had reappeared and become new.  Beholding those new articles, which had besides become more durable, I became filled with wonder.  Verily, O son of Rukmini, from that day forth I have always worshipped the Brahmanas in my mind!  Even this, O chief of Bharata’s race, is what I said on that occasion regarding the greatness of those Brahmanas who are the foremost of their order.  Do thou also, O son of Kunti, worship the highly blessed Brahmanas every day with gifts of wealth and kine, O puissant one!  It was in this way that I acquired the prosperity I enjoy, the prosperity that is born of the grace of Brahmanas.  Whatever, again, Bhishma has said of me, O chief of the Bharatas, is all true!’”


“Yudhishthira said, ’It behoveth thee, O slayer of Madhu, to expound to me that knowledge which thou hast acquired through the grace of Durvasa!  O foremost of all persons endued with intelligence, I desire to know everything about the high blessedness and all the names of that high-souled one truly and in detail![616]

“Vasudeva said, ’I shall recite to thee the good that I have acquired and the fame that I have won through the grace of that high-souled one.  Verily, I shall discourse to thee on the topic, after having bowed unto Kapardin.  O king, listen to me as I recite to thee that Sata-rudriya which I repeat; with restrained senses, every morning after rising from bed.  The great lord of all creatures, viz., the Grandsire Brahman himself, endued with wealth of penances, composed those Mantras, after having observed especial penances for some time.  O sire it is Sankara who created all the creatures in the universe, mobile and immobile.  There is no being that is higher, O monarch, than Mahadeva.  Verily, he is the highest of all beings in the three worlds.  There is no one who is capable of standing before that high-souled Being.  Indeed, there is no Being in the three worlds that can be regarded as his equal.  When he stands, filled with rage, on the field of battle, the very odour of his body deprives all foes of consciousness and they that are not slain tremble and fall down.  His roars are terrible, resembling those of the clouds.  Hearing those roars in battle, the very hearts of the deities break in twain.  When the wielder of Pinaka becomes angry and assuming a terrible form merely casts his eye upon deity, Asura, Gandharva, or snake, that individual fails to obtain peace of mind by taking shelter in the recesses of even a mountain-cave.  When that lord of all creatures,

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