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verse which he sang constantly among assemblies and in public squares.  ’Who is there that would cause the Brahmana Durvasa to dwell in his house, doing the duties of hospitality towards him?  He becomes enraged with every one if he finds even the slightest transgression?  Hearing this regarding my disposition, who is there that will give me refuge?  Indeed, he that would give me shelter as a guest should not do anything to anger me!’ When I saw that no one ventured to give him shelter in his house.  I invited him and caused him to take up his residence in my abode.  On certain days he would eat the food sufficient for the needs of thousands of persons.  On certain other days he would eat very little.  On some days he would go out of my house and would not return.  He would sometimes laugh without any ostensible reason and sometimes cry as causelessly.  At that time there was nobody on earth that was equal to him in years.  One day, entering the quarters assigned to him he burnt all the beds and coverlets and all the well-adorned damsels that were there for serving him.  Doing this, he went out.  Of highly praiseworthy vows, he met me shortly after this and addressing me, said, ‘O Krishna, I wish to eat frumenty without delay!’ Having understood his mind previously, I had set my servants to prepare every kind of food and drink.  Indeed, many excellent viands had been kept ready.  As soon as I was asked, I caused hot frumenty to be brought and offered to the ascetic.  Having eaten some, he quickly said unto me, ’Do thou, O Krishna, take some of this frumenty and smear all thy limbs with it!’ Without any scruple I did as directed.  Indeed, with the remnant of that frumenty I smeared my body and head.  The ascetic at that time saw thy mother of sweet face standing near.  Laughing the while, he smeared her body also with that frumenty.  The ascetic then caused thy mother, whose body was smeared over with frumenty, to be yoked unto a car without any delay.  Ascending that car he set out of my house.  Endued with great intelligence, that Brahmana blazed with effulgence like fire, and struck, in my presence, my Rukmini endued with youth, as if she were an animal destined to drag the cars of human beings.  Beholding this, I did not feel the slightest grief born of malice or the desire to injure the Rishi.  Indeed, having yoked Rukmini to the car, he went out, desirous of proceeding along the high road of the city.  Seeing that extraordinary sight, some Dasarhas, filled with wrath, addressed one another and began to converse in this way, ’Who else is there on earth that would draw breath after having yoked Rukmini to a car!  Verily, let the world be filled with Brahmanas only!  Let no other orders take birth here.  The poison of a virulent snake is exceedingly keen.  Keener than poison is a Brahmana.  There is no physician for a person that has been bitten or burnt by the virulent snake of a Brahmana, ’As the irresistible Durvasa proceeded on the car, Rukmini tottered on the road
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