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“Bhishma said, ’Here is Kesava endued with great intelligence.  He will tell thee everything.  Of high vows and endued with prosperity, even he will tell you what the prosperity is that attaches to the worship of Brahmanas.  My strength, ears, speech, mind, eyes, and that clear understanding of mine (are all clouded today).  I think, the time is not distant when I shall have to cast off my body.  The sun seems to me to go very slowly.[611] Those high duties, O king, that are mentioned in the Puranas as observed by Brahmanas and Kshatriyas and Vaisyas and Sudras, have all been recited by me.  Do thou, O son of Pritha, learn from Krishna what little remains to be learnt on that head.  I know Krishna truly.  I know who he is and what his ancient might is.  O chief of the Kauravas, Kesava is of immeasurable soul.  Whenever doubts arise, it is he who upholds Righteousness then.[612] It is Krishna who created the earth, and sky, and the heavens.  Indeed, the earth has sprung from Krishna’s body.  Of terrible prowess and existing from the beginning of time, it is Krishna who became the mighty Boar and raised the submerged Earth.  It is He who created all the points of the compass, together with all the mountains.  Below Him are the welkin, heaven, the four cardinal points, and the four subsidiary points.  It is from him that the entire creation has flowed.  It is He who has created this ancient universe.  In His navel appeared a Lotus.  Within that Lotus sprang Brahma himself of immeasurable energy.  It was Brahma, O son of Pritha, who rent that darkness which existed surpassing the very ocean (in depth and extent).  In the Treta age, O Partha, Krishna existed (on the earth), in the form of Righteousness.  In the Treta age, he existed in the form of Knowledge.  In the Dwapara age, he existed in the form of might.  In the Kali age he came to the earth in the form of unrighteousness.  It is He who in days of yore slew the Daityas.  It is He who is the Ancient God.  It is He who ruled the Asuras in the form of their Emperor (Valin).  It is He who is the Creator of all beings.  It is He who is also the future of all created Beings.  It is He who is also the protector of this universe fraught with the seed of destruction.  When the cause of Righteousness languishes, this Krishna takes birth in the race of either the gods or among men.  Staying on Righteousness, this Krishna of cleansed soul (on such occasion) protects both the higher and the lower worlds.  Sparing those that deserve to be spared, Krishna sets himself to the slaughter of the Asura, O Partha!  It is he who is all acts proper and improper and it is he who is the cause.  It is Krishna who is the act done, the act to be done, and the act that is being done.  Know that that illustrious one is Rahu and Soma and Sakra.  It is he that is Viswakarma.  It is he that is of universal form.  He is the destroyer and he is the Creator of the universe.  He is the wielder of the Sula (lance); He is of human

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