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unfading glory, who created this boundless universe with its mobile and immobile creatures (is a Brahman).  Some persons there are, destitute of wisdom, who say that Brahman was born of an Egg.  From the original Egg, when it burst forth, mountains and the points of the compass and the waters and the earth and the heavens all sprang forth into existence.  This birth of the creation was not seen by any one.  How then can Brahman be said to have taken his birth from the original Egg, when especially he is declared as Unborn?  It is said that vast uncreate Space is the original Egg.  It was from this uncreate Space (or Supreme Brahman) that the Grandsire was born.  If thou askest, ’Whereon would the Grandsire, after his birth from uncreate Space, rest, for there was then nothing else?’ The answer may be given in the following words, ’There is an existent Being of the name of Consciousness.  That mighty Being is endued with great energy.  There is no Egg.  Brahman, however, is existent.  He is the creator of the universe and is its king!  Thus addressed by the god of wind, king Arjuna remained silent.’"[610]


“The god of wind said, ’Once on a time, O king, a ruler of the name of Anga desired to give away the whole earth as sacrificial present unto the Brahmanas.  At this, the earth became filled with anxiety.  ’I am the daughter of Brahman.  I hold all creatures.  Having obtained me, alas, why does this foremost of kings wish to give me away unto the Brahmanas?  Abandoning my character as the soil, I shall now repair to the presence of my sire.  Let this king with all his kingdom meet with destruction?  Arrived at this conclusion, she departed for the region of Brahman The Rishi Kasyapa, beholding goddess Earth on the point of departing, himself immediately entered the visible embodiment of the goddess, casting off his own body, by the aid of Yoga.  The earth thus penetrated by the spirit of Kasyapa, grew in prosperity and became full of all kinds of vegetable produce.  Indeed, O king for the time that Kasyapa pervaded the earth, Righteousness became foremost everywhere and all fears ceased.  In this way, O king, the earth remained penetrated by the spirit of Kasyapa for thirty thousand celestial years, fully alive to all those functions which it used to discharge while it was penetrated by the spirit of Brahman’s daughter.  Upon the expiry of this period, the goddess returned from the region of Brahman and arrived here bowed unto Kasyapa and from that time became the daughter of that Rishi, Kasyapa is a Brahmana.  Even this was the feat, O king, that a Brahmana did.  Tell me the name of the Kshatriya who can be held to be superior to Kasyapa!  Hearing these words, king Arjuna remained silent.  Unto him the god of wind once more said, ’Hear now, O king, the story of Utathya who was born in the race of Angiras.  The daughter of Soma, named Bhadra, came to be regarded as unrivalled

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