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to the practice to Kshatriya duties and steadily observant of the vow of truth.  Indeed, O tiger among kings, those monarchs who, with restrained senses and tranquil soul, recite this Mantra every day, succeed in acquiring unrivalled prosperity—­Salutations to Vasishtha of high vows after having bowed with reverence unto Parasara, that Ocean of the Vedas!  Salutations to the great snake Ananta, and salutations to all those who are crowned with success, and who are of unfading glory!  Salutations to the Rishis, and unto Him that is the Highest of the High, the god of gods, and the giver of boons unto all those that are foremost.  Salutations unto Him of a thousand heads, Him that is most auspicious, Him that has a thousand names, viz., Janardana!  Aja.  Ekapada, Ahivradhna, the unvanquished Pinakin, Rita Pitrirupa, the three-eyed Maheswara, Vrishakapi, Sambhu, Havana, and Iswara—­these are the celebrated Rudras, eleven in number, who are the lords of all the worlds.  Even these eleven high-souled ones have been mentioned as a hundred in the Satarudra (of the Vedas).  Ansa, Bhaga, Mitra, Varuna the lord of waters, Dhatri, Aryaman, Jayanta, Bhaskara, Tvashtri, Pushan, Indra and Vishnu, are said to comprise a tale of twelve.  These twelve are called Adityas and they are the sons of Kasyapa as the Sruti declares.  Dhara, Dhruva, Some, Savitra.  Anila, Anala, Pratyusha, and Prabhava, are the eight Vasus named in the scriptures, Nasataya and Dasra are said to be the two Aswins.  They are the sons of Martanda born of his spouse Samjna, from whose nostrils they came out.  After this I shall recite the names of those who are the witnesses of all acts in the worlds.  They take note of all sacrifices, of all gifts, of all good acts.  Those lords among the deities behold everything although they are invisible.  Indeed, they behold all the good and bad acts of all beings.  They are Mrityu, Kala, the Viswedevas, the Pitris endued with forms, the great Rishis possessed of wealth of penances, the Munis, and others crowned with success and devoted to penances and emancipation.  These of sweet smiles, bestow diverse benefits upon those men that recite their names.  Verily, endued with celestial energy, they bestow diverse regions of felicity created by the Grandsire upon such men.  They reside in all the worlds and attentively note all acts.  By reciting the names of those lords of all living creatures, one always becomes endued with righteousness and wealth and enjoyments in copious measure.  One acquires hereafter diverse regions of auspiciousness and felicity created by the Lord of the universe.  These three and thirty deities, who are the lords of all beings as also Nandiswara of huge body, and that pre-eminent one who has the bull for the device on his banner, and those masters of all the worlds, viz., the followers and associates of him called Ganeswara, and those called Saumyas, and called the Rudras, and those called the Yogas, and those that are known as the Bhutas, and the luminaries in the
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