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“Bhishma continued, ’Thus addressed by those denizens of ascetic retreats, Krishna, the delighter of Devaki paid due honours unto all those Rishis.  Filled with delight, those Rishis once more addressed Krishna, saying, ’O slayer of Madhu, do Thou repeatedly show Thyself to us at all times!  O puissant one, Heaven itself cannot rejoice us so much as a right of Thyself Everything that was said by the illustrious Bhava (regarding Thyself) is true.  O crusher of foes, we have told Thee all about that mystery.  Thou art Thyself conversant with the truth of every topic.  Since, however, asked by us, it pleased Thee to ask us in return, we have, for that reason, recited everything (about the discourse of Bhava with Uma) to Thee for only pleasing Thee.  There is nothing in the three worlds that is unknown to Thee.  Thou art fully conversant with the birth and origin of all things, indeed, with everything that operates as a cause (for the production of other objects).  In consequence of the lightness of our character, we are unable to bear (within ourselves the knowledge of) any mystery (without disclosing it).[583] Indeed, in Thy presence, O puissant one, we indulge in incoherences from the lightness of our hearts.  There is no wonderful thing that is unknown to Thee!  Whatever is on earth, and whatever is in heaven, all is known to Thee!  We take our leave of Thee, O Krishna, for returning to our respective abodes Mayst Thou increase in intelligence and prosperity!  O sire, Thou wilt soon get a son like unto Thee or even more distinguished than Thyself.  He will be endued with great energy and splendour.  He will achieve great feats, and become possessed of puissance as great as Thine!’[584]

“Bhishma continued, ’After this, the great Rishis bowed unto that god of gods, that scion of Yadu’s race, that foremost of all Beings.  They then circumambulated Him and taking His leave, departed.  As regards Narayana, who is endued with prosperity and blazing effulgence, He returned to Dwaraka after having duly observed that vow of His.  His spouse Rukmini conceived, and on the expiration of the tenth month a son was born of her, possessed of heroism and honoured by all for his highly wonderful accomplishments.  He is identical with that Kama (Desire) which exists in every creature and which pervades every existent condition.  Indeed, he moves within the hearts of both gods and Asuras.  This Krishna is that foremost of all persons.  Even he, endued with the hue of the clouds is that four-handed Vasudeva.  Through affection He has attached himself to the Pandavas, and you also, ye sons of Pandu, have attached yourselves to Him.  Achievements, Prosperity, Intelligence, and the path that leads to heaven, are all there where this one, viz., the illustrious Vishnu of three steps, is.  He is the three and thirty gods with Indra at their head.  There is no doubt in this.  He is the one Ancient God.  He is the foremost of all gods.  He is the refuge of all creatures. 

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