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standard.  The head of that mighty-armed hero, that Lord of all the worlds, will be shaded by many high-souled snakes of vast bodies.  All weapons of attack and defence will also come to him as soon as he will think of them.  He is called Ananta (Infinite) Verily, that illustrious one is identical with the immutable Hari.  Once on a time the mighty Garuda, the son of Kasyapa, was addressed by the deities in these words, ’Do thou, O puissant one, see if this one has any end!’ Though possessed of great energy and might, Garuda, however, failed to find out the end of this illustrious one who is identical with the Supreme Soul.  Supporting the whole earth on his head, he resides in the nether regions.  He roves through the universe as Sesha, filled with great joy.  He is Vishnu, He is the illustrious Ananta.  He is the supporter of the earth.  He that is Rama is Hrishikesa.  He that is Achyuta is Ananta, the bearer of the earth.  Both of those foremost of all creatures are celestial and endued with celestial prowess.  One of them is armed with the discus and the other with the plough.  They deserve every honour and should be seen, I have, through my kindness for you, have thus declared to you the nature of Vasudeva.  Even this, ye ascetics possessed of wealth of penances, is Righteousness, I have declared all this to you so that ye may, with reverence and care, worship Krishna, that foremost one of Yadu’s race.”


“Narada said, ’At the conclusion of Mahadeva’s speech, loud roars were heard in the firmament.  Thunders bellowed, with flashes of lightening.  The welkin was enveloped with blue and thick clouds.  The deity of the clouds then poured pure water like to what he does in the season of rains.  A thick darkness set in.  The points of the compass could no longer be distinguished.  Then on that delightful, sacred, and eternal breast of that celestial mountain, the assembled Rishis no longer saw the multitude of ghostly beings that associate with Mahadeva.  Soon, however, the welkin cleared.  Some of the Rishis set out for the sacred waters.  Others returned whence they came.  Verily, beholding that wonderful and inconceivable sight, they became filled with amazement.  The discourse too between Sankara and Uma had been heard by them with the feelings.  That foremost of all Beings, of whom the high-souled Sankara spoke to us on that mountain, art Thou.  Verily, thou art identical with Eternal Brahma.  Some time also Mahadeva burnt Himavat with his energy.  Thou too hast shown us a similar sight of wonder.  Indeed, we have been put in remembrance of that fact by what we have witnessed today.  O mighty-armed Janardana, I have thus, O puissant one, recited to thee the glory of that god of gods, viz., him that is called Kapardin or Girisa!’

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