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Vasudeva of great puissance, If He is seen I am seen, as also the Grandsire Brahman, that foremost of all the gods.  In this I do not deem there is any difference.  Know this, ye Rishis of ascetic wealth!  That person with whom the lotus-eyed Vasudeva becomes gratified, all the deities with Brahma amongst them will also become gratified with.  That man who will seek the protection of Kesava will succeed in earning great achievements and victory and Heaven.  He will be an instructor in religion and duties, and will earn, great religious merit.  All persons conversant with religion and duties should, with great alacrity, bow down unto that Lord of all the gods.  By adoring that puissant one, one will acquire great merit.  Endued with great energy, that god, with the desire of benefiting all creatures, created millions of Rishis for the sake of righteousness.  Those millions of Rishis, thus created by that great Ordainer are no residing on the mountains of Gandhamadana, headed by Sanatkumara and engaged in the observance of penances.  Hence, ye foremost of regenerate ones, that foremost of all eloquent persons, the righteous Vasudeva should be adored by all.  The illustrious Hari, the puissant Narayana, is verily, the foremost of all beings in Heaven.  Adored, he adores, and honoured he honours; unto them that make offerings to him, he makes offerings in return.  Worshipped, he worships in return, if seen always, he sees the seers always.  If one seeks His refuge and protection, He seeks the seeker as his refuge in return.  Ye foremost of all righteous ones, if adored and worshipped, He adores and worships in return.  Even this is the high practice of the faultless Vishnu.  Even this is the vow that is practised by all righteous people, of that first of all deities, that puissant Lord of all creatures.  He is always worshipped in the world.  Verily, that Eternal Being is worshipped by even the deities.  Those persons that are devoted to Him with the steadiness of a vow become liberated from calamity and fear in proportion to his devotion.  The regenerate ones should always worship Him in thought, word, and deed.  The son of Devaki should be seen by them with reverence and in order to see Him with reverence they should address themselves to the performance of penances.  Ye foremost of ascetics, even this is the path that I show unto you.  By beholding Him, ye will have behold all the foremost of deities, I too bow my head in reverence unto that Lord of the universe, that Grandsire of all the worlds, that mighty and vast boar.  By beholding Him one beholds the Trinity.  Ourselves, i.e., all the deities, reside in Him.  He will have an elder brother who will become known over all the world as Vala.  Having a plough for his weapon, in form he will look like a white hill.  In fact, he will be endued with might capable of uplifting the whole earth.  Upon the car of that divine person a tall palmyra, three-headed and made of gold, will form his proud
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