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From his body have sprung the Rishis as also all the eternal worlds.  He is the veritable abode of the Grandsire and the abode of all the gods besides.  He is the Creator of this whole Earth, and He is the Lord of the three worlds He is also the Destroyer of all creatures mobile and immobile.  He is verily the foremost of all the deities.  He is their master.  He is the chastiser of all foes.  He is possessed of omniscience.  He exists in everything.  He is capable of going everywhere.  He is of universal extent (pervading as he does everything).  He is the Supreme Soul.  He is the urger of all the senses.  He covers the universe.  He is the Supreme Lord.  There is nothing in the three worlds that is superior to him.  He is Eternal.  He is the slayer of Madhu, and is otherwise called Govinda.  The giver of honours, He will cause all the kings of Earth to be slain in battle, for achieving the purposes of the deities, taking birth in a human form.  The deities, abandoned by Him, are unable to accomplish their purposes on earth.  Without obtaining him as their leader they cannot do anything.  He is the leader of all creatures and is adored by all the gods[582].  Within the abdomen of this Master of the gods who is ever devoted to the accomplishment of their purposes, of this one who is identical with Brahma and who is always the refuge of the regenerate Rishis, resides Brahma (the Grandsire).  Indeed, the latter dwells happily in Hari’s body which is the abode.  I myself, that am called Sarva, also reside happily in that happy abode of mine.  All the deities too reside in happiness in His body.  Endued with great effulgence, he has eyes that resemble the petals of the lotus.  Sri dwells within Him and He dwells always associated with her.  The bow called Saranga and the discus (called Sudarsana) are his weapons, together with a sword.  He has the enemy of the snakes (viz., Garuda) sitting on his standard.  He is distinguished by excellent conduct, by purity (of both body and mind), by self-restraint, by prowess, by energy, by the handsomest form, by tallness and well-proportioned limbs, by patience, by sincerity, by affluence, by compassion, by excellence of form, and by might.  He shines, endued with all celestial weapons of wonderful form and make.  He has Yoga for his illusion.  He is possessed of a thousand eyes.  He is free from every stain or fault.  He is high-minded.  He is endued with heroism.  He is an object of pride with all his friends.  He is dear to all his kinsmen and relatives and they are dear to him.  He is endued with forgiveness.  He is free from pride or egotism.  He is devoted to the Brahmanas and is their leader.  He dispels the fears of all persons afflicted with fear.  He enhances the joys of all his friends.  He is the refuge of all creatures.  He is ever engaged in protecting and cherishing the distressed.  Possessed of a thorough acquaintance with all the scriptures, and every kind of affluence, He is worshipped by all beings.  Con-versant with all duties, He is a
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