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of every article of enjoyments.  In that life he becomes endued with all articles for gratifying his wishes and appetites.  Indeed, blessed with the possession of such articles, he becomes endued with affluence and a well-filled treasury.  The self-born Brahman himself declared it in days of old that it is even such persons, O goddess, that become highly blessed and possessed of liberal dispositions and agreeable features.  There are others, O goddess, that are incapable of making gifts.  Endued with small understandings, they cannot make gifts even when solicited by Brahmanas and possessed of abundant wealth.  Beholding the destitute, the blind, the distressed, and mendicants, and even guests arrived at their abodes, those persons, always filled with the desire of gratifying the organ of taste, turn away, even when expressly solicited by them.  They never make gifts of wealth or robes, or viands, or gold, or kine, or any kind of food.  Those men who are disinclined to relieve the distress of others, who are full of cupidity, who have no faith in the scriptures, and who never make gifts,—­verily, these men of little understanding, O goddess, have to sink in Hell.  In course of time, when their sufferings in Hell come to an end, they take birth in the order of humanity, in families that are entirely destitute of wealth.  Always suffering from hunger and thirst, excluded from all decent society, hopeless of ever enjoying good things, they lead lives of great wretchedness.  Born in families that are destitute of all articles of enjoyment, these men never succeed in enjoying the good things of the world.  Indeed, O goddess, it is through their acts that persons become wretched and poor.  There are others who are full of arrogance and pride caused by the possession of riches.  Those senseless wretches never offer seats to those that deserve such an offer.  Endued with little understandings they do not give way to them that deserve such an honour.[575] Nor do they give water for washing the feet to persons unto whom it should be given.  Indeed, they do not honour, agreeably to the ordinance, with gifts of the Arghya, such persons as deserve to be honoured therewith.  They do not offer water for washing the mouth unto such as deserve to have that honour.  They do not treat their very preceptors, when the latter arrive at their houses, in the manner in which preceptors should be treated.  Living in cupidity and arrogance, they refuse to treat their seniors and aged men with love and affection, even insulting those that deserve to be honoured and asserting their superiority over them without showing reverence and humility.  Such men, O goddess, sink in Hell.  When their sufferings come to an end after a long course of years, they rise from Hell, and take birth in the order of humanity, in low and wretched families.  Indeed. they who humiliate their preceptors and seniors, have to take their birth in such castes as those of Swapakas and Pukkasas who are exceedingly vile and
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