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“Uma said, ’O holy one, O lord of all creatures, O deity that art armed with the trident, O thou of high vows, a great doubt has filled my mind.  It behoveth thee to resolve that doubt for me.  For what reason has this third eye appeared in thy forehead?  Why also was the mountain consumed with the woods and all that belonged to it?  Why also, O illustrious deity, hast thou restored the mountain to its former condition?  Indeed, having burnt it once, why hast thou again caused it to be covered with trees?’

“Maheswara said, ’O goddess without any fault, in consequence of thy having covered my eyes through an act of indiscretion the universe became in a moment devoid of light.  When the universe became sunless and, therefore, all became dark, O daughter of the prince of mountains, I created the third eye desirous of protecting all creatures.  The high energy of that eye crushed and consumed this ’mountain.  For pleasing thee, however, O goddess, I once more made Himavat what he was by repairing the injury.’

“Uma said, ’O holy one, why are those faces of thine which are on the east, the north, and the west, so handsome and so agreeable to look at like the very moon?  And why is that face of thine which is on the south so terrible?  Why are thy matted locks tawny in hue and so erect?  Why is thy throat blue after the manner of the peacock’s plumes?  Why, O illustrious deity, is the Pinaka always in thy hand?  Why art thou always a Brahmacharin with matted locks?  O lord, it behoves thee to explain all these to me.  I am thy spouse who seeks to follow the same duties with thee.  Further, I am thy devoted worshipper, O deity, having the bull for thy mark!’

“Narada continued, ’Thus addressed by the daughter of the prince of mountains, the illustrious wielder of Pinaka, the puissant Mahadeva, became highly gratified with her.  The great god then addressed her saying, ’O blessed lady, listen to me as I explain, with the reasons thereof, why my forms are so.’”


“The blessed and holy one said, ’In days of yore, a blessed woman was created by Brahman, called Tilottama, by culling grains of beauty from every beautiful object in the universe.  One day, that lady of beautiful face, unrivalled in the universe for beauty of form, came to me, O goddess, for circumambulating me but really impelled by the desire of tempting me.  In whatever direction that lady of beautiful teeth turned, a new face of mine instantly appeared (so eager did I become to see her).  All those faces of mine became agreeable to look at.  Thus, in consequence of the desire of beholding her, I became four-faced, through Yoga-puissance, Thus, I showed my high Yoga-power in becoming four-faced.  With that face of mine which is turned towards the east, I exercise the sovereignty of the universe, With that face of mine which is turned towards the north, I sport with thee, O thou of faultless features! 

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