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away an umbrella a person obtains comfortable shade in the next world. (He will not have to be exposed to the sun).  A gift made to a deserving person is never lost.  It is certain to produce agreeable consequences to the giver.’  Hearing these opinions of Chitragupta, Surya’s hairs stood on their ends.  Endued with great splendour, he addressed all the deities and the Pitris, saying ’Ye have heard the mysteries relating to duty, as propounded by the high-souled Chitragupta.  Those human beings who, endued with faith, make these gifts unto high-souled Brahmanas, become freed from fear of every kind.  These five kinds of men, stained with vicious deeds, have no escape.  Verily, of sinful behaviour and regarded as the worst of men, they should never be talked to.  Indeed they should always be avoided.  Those five are he who is the slayer of a Brahmana, he who is the slayer of a cow, he who is addicted to sexual congress with other people’s wives, he who is bereft of faith (in the Vedas), and he who derives his sustenance by selling the virtue of his wife.  These men of sinful conduct, when they repair to the region of the dead, rot in hell like worms that live upon pus and blood.  These five are avoided by the Pitris, the deities, the Snataka Brahmanas, and other regenerate persons that are devoted to the practice of penances.’”


“Bhishma said, ’Then all the highly blessed deities and the Pitris, and the highly blessed Rishis also, addressing the Pramathas, said,[557] ’Ye are all highly blessed beings.  Ye are invisible wanderers of the night.  Why do you afflict those men that are vile and impure and that are unclean?  What acts are regarded as impediments to your power?  What, indeed, are those acts in consequence of which ye become incompetent to afflict men?  What are those acts that are destructive of Rakshasas and that prevent you from asserting your power over the habitations of men?  Ye wanderers of the night, we desire to hear all this from you.’

“The Pramathas said, ’Men are rendered unclean by acts of sexual congress.  They who do not purify themselves after such acts, they who insult their superiors, they who from stupefaction eat different kinds of meat, the man also who sleeps at the foot of a tree, he who keeps any animal matter under his pillow while lying down for sleep, and he who lies down or sleeps placing the head where his feet should be placed or his feet where the head should be placed,—­these men are regarded by us as unclean.  Verily, these men have many holes.  Those also are numbered in the same class who throw their phlegm and other unclean secretions into the water.  Without doubt these men deserve to be slain and eaten up by us.  Verily, we afflict those human beings who are given to such conduct.  Listen now to what those acts are which are regarded as antidotes and in consequence of which we fail to do any injury to men.  Those men upon whose persons occur streaks

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