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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 1,319 pages of information about The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 4.
ten years.  After the exhaustion of his demerit by such sufferings he regains the status of humanity.  By stealing milk, one becomes a crane.  That man, O king, who through stupefaction of the understanding, steals oil, has to take birth, after casting off this body, as an animal that subsists upon oil as his form.[516] That wretch who himself well armed, slays another while that other is unarmed, from motives of obtaining his victim’s wealth or from feelings of hostility, has, after casting off his human body, to take birth as an ass.  Assuming that asinine form he has to live for a period of two years and then he meets with death at the edge of a weapon.  Casting off in this way his asinine body he has to take birth in his next life as a deer always filled with anxiety (at the thought of foes that may kill him).  Upon the expiration of a year from the time of his birth as a deer, he has to yield up his life at the point of a weapon.  Thus casting off his form of a deer, he next takes birth as a fish and dies in consequence of being dragged up in net, on the expiration of the fourth month.  He has next to take birth as a beast of prey.  For ten years he has to live in that form, and then he takes birth as a pard in which form he has to live for a period of five years.  Impelled by the change that is brought about by time, he then casts off that form, and his demerit having been exhausted he regains the status of humanity.  That man of little understanding who kills a woman has to go the regions of Yama and to endure diverse kinds of pain and misery.  He then has to pass through full one and twenty transformations.  After that, O monarch, he has to take birth as a vile vermin.  Living as a vermin for twenty years, he regains the status of humanity.  By stealing food, one has to take birth as a bee.  Living for many months in the company of other bees, his demerit becomes exhausted and he regains the status of humanity.  By stealing paddy, one becomes a cat.  That man who steals food mixed with sesame cakes has in his next birth to assume the form of a mouse large or small according to the largeness or smallness of the quantity stolen.  He bites human beings every day and as the consequence thereof becomes sinful and travels through a varied round of rebirths.  That man of foolish understanding who steals ghee has to take birth as a gallinule.  That wicked person who steals fish has to take birth as a crow.  By stealing salt one has to take birth as a mimicking bird.  That man who misappropriates what is deposited with him through confidence, has to sustain a diminution in the period of his life, and after death has to take birth among fishes.  Having lived for some time as a fish he dies and regains the human form.  Regaining, however, the status of humanity, he becomes short-lived.  Indeed, having committed sins, O Bharata, one has to take birth in an order intermediate between that of humanity and vegetables.  Those people are entirely unacquainted with righteousness
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