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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 1,319 pages of information about The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 4.

“Bhishma said, ’Listen, O Yudhishthira!  Those ordinances that I have told thee of,—­those, viz., that were first promulgated by the great Rishi Angiras, and that have reference to meritorious facts for their soul,—­are regarded as equal to Sacrifices (in respect of the fruits they bring about both here and hereafter).  That man who takes one meal in the forenoon and one at night, without taking any food or drink during the interval, and who observes this regulations for a period of six years in succession, abstaining all the while from injuring any creature and regularly pouring libations on his sacred fire every day, attains, without doubt, to success.  Such a man acquires hereafter a car of the complexion of heated gold, and attains to a residence, for millions of years, in the region of Prajapati, in the company of celestial damsels, that ever echoes with the sound of music and dance, and blazes with the effulgence of fire.  He who passes three years, confining himself every day to one meal and abstaining all the while from congress with any other woman save his own wedded wife, attains to the merit of the Agnishtoma sacrifice, Such a man is regarded as having performed a Sacrifice, with plenty of gifts in gold, that is dear to Vasava himself.  By practising truthfulness of speech, making gifts, reverencing the Brahmanas, avoiding malice, becoming forgiving and self-restrained, and conquering wrath, a man attains to the highest end.  Riding on a car of the complexion of white clouds that is drawn by swans, he lives, for millions and million of years, in the company of Apsaras.  Fasting for a whole day and eating only one meal on the second day, he who pours libations upon his sacred fire for the period of a whole year,—­verily, he who observes such a fast and attends every day to his fire and rises every day from bed before sunrise, attains to the merit of the Agnishtoma sacrifice.  Such a man acquires a car drawn by swans and cranes.  Surrounded by the most beautiful damsels, he resides in the region of Indra.  That man who eats only one meal every third day, and pours libations every day on his sacred fire for a period of a whole year,—­indeed, he who thus attends to his fire every day and wakes up from sleep every morning before the sun is up, attains to the high merit of the Atiratra sacrifice.  He acquires a car drawn by peacocks and swans and cranes.  Proceeding to the region of the seven (celestial) Rishis, he takes up his residence there, surrounded by Apsaras of great beauty.  It is well-known that such residence lasts for full three Padmas of years.[491] Fasting for three days in succession, he who takes only one meal every fourth day, and pours libations every day on his sacred fire, acquires the high merit of the Vajapeya sacrifice.  The car he ac-quires is graced by celestial damsels of great beauty that have Indra for their father.  He resides in the region of Indra for millions and millions of years and experiences great happiness by witnessing

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