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“Dhritarashtra said, ’They who are freed from all attachments, who are possessed of cleansed souls, who are steady in the observance of the foremost vows, who are devoted to the Yoga that depends on tranquillising the mind, and who have (in this life) attained to the happiness of heaven,—­those persons wedded to the attribute of Sattwa—­attain to the sacred region of Brahman.  O great ascetic, thou shalt not be able to discover Dhritarashtra there!’

“Gautama said, ’There where the foremost of Rathantaras is sung, where altars are strewn with the sacred Kusa blades, for the performance of Pundarika sacrifices, there where Soma-drinking Brahmanas go on vehicles drawn by excellent steeds,[453] proceeding even thither I shall force thee to yield up this elephant.  I think, thou art the slayer of Vritra, viz., the deity that has performed a hundred sacrifices, engaged in roving through all the regions of the universe!  I hope, I have not, through mental weakness (not recognising thee before) committed any fault by the words I have addressed thee!’

“The deity of a hundred sacrifices said, ’Yes, I am Maghavat.  I came to the world of human beings, for seizing this elephant.  I bow to thee.  Do thou command me!  I shall readily accomplish all that thou mayst be pleased to say!’

“Gautama said, ’Do thou give me, O chief of the deities, this elephant that is of white complexion and that is so young, for it is only ten years of age.  I have brought it up as a child of my own.  Dwelling in these woods, it has grown under my eye and has been to me a dear companion.  Do thou set free this my child that thou hast seized and wishest to drag away!’

“The deity of a hundred sacrifices said, ’This elephant that has been a son to thee, O foremost of Brahmanas, cometh to thee looking wishfully at thee!  Behold, it sniffs thy feet with its nostrils!  My salutations to thee!  Do thou pray for my welfare!’

“Gautama said, ’O chief of the deities, I do always think of thy good!  I always offer thee worship!  Do thou also, O Sakra, bestow thy blessings on me!  Given by thee, I accept this elephant!’

“The deity of a hundred sacrifices said, ’Amongst all those high-souled and foremost of Rishis that firmly adhere to truth and that have the Vedas planted in their heart, thou alone hast been able to recognise me.  For this reason I am exceedingly pleased with thee!  Do thou, therefore, O Brahmana, come with me quickly, accompanied by this thy son!  Thou deservest to attain to diverse regions of great felicity without the delay of even a single day!’

“Bhishma continued, ’Having said these words, the wielder of the thunderbolt, taking Gautama with him and placing him before, along with his son, viz., that elephant, proceeded to heaven, that is difficult of attainment by even the righteous.  He who would listen to this history every day or would recite it, restraining his senses the while, proceedeth (after death) to the region of Brahman even as Gautama himself.’”

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