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rent temples the juice was trickling down.  Beholding the elephant dragged away, the great ascetic Gautama of rigid vows addressed king Dhritarashtra and said, ’O ungrateful Dhritarashtra, do not rob me of this elephant.  It is looked upon by me as a son and I have reared it with much pain.  It is said that between the righteous, friendship springs up if only they exchange seven words.[452] Thou shouldst see, O king, that the sin of injuring a friend does not touch thee!  It behoveth thee not, O king, to take away by force this elephant that brings me my fuel and water, that protects my asylum when I am away, that exceedingly docile and obedient to his instructor, that is mindful of doing all the offices that his preceptor commands, that is mild and well-broken, and that is grateful and very dear to me!  Indeed, thou shouldst not bear it away, disregarding my protestations and cries!’

“Dhritarashtra said, ’I shall give thee a thousand kine, a hundred maid-servants, and five hundred pieces of gold.  I shall also, O great Rishi, give thee diverse other kinds of wealth.  What use can Brahmanas have with elephants?’

“Gautama said, Keep, O king, thy kine and maid-servants and coins of gold and various gems and diverse other kinds of wealth!  What, O monarch, have Brahmanas to do with wealth?’

“Dhritarashtra said, ’Brahmana, have no use for elephants.  Verily, O learned Brahmana, elephants are meant for persons of the royal order.  In taking away an animal, viz., this foremost of elephants, for my use as vehicle, I cannot be regarded as committing any sin.  Do thou cease obstructing me in this way, O Gautama!’

“Gautama said, ’O illustrious king, repairing even to that region of Yama where the righteous live in joy and the sinful in grief, I shall take from thee this my elephant!’

“Dhritarashtra said, ’They that are destitute of (religious) acts, they that have no faith and are atheists, they that are of sinful souls and are always engaged in gratifying their senses, only they have to go to the region of Yama and endure the misery he inflicts.  Dhritarashtra shall go to a higher region, and not thither!’

“Gautama said, ’The region of Yama is such that men are there controlled.  No untruth can be told there.  Only truth prevails in that place.  There the weak persecute the strong.  Repairing. thither I shall force thee to yield up this elephant to me!’

“Dhritarashtra said, ’Only those persons, that intoxicated with pride, conduct themselves towards their eldest sister and father and mother as towards foes, have to repair, O great ascetic, to such a region.  I shall repair to a higher region.  Indeed, Dhritarashtra shall not have to go thither!’

“Gautama said, ’The region, called Mandakini, of king Vaisravana is attained by those highly blessed persons for whom are every joy and comfort.  There Gandharvas and Yakshas and Apsaras live (gladdening all the denizens with enchanting dances and music).  Repairing even thither, O king, I shall force thee to yield up this elephant to me!’

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