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possessed of wealth of asceticism, and the household deities, all become gratified.  Filled with such ideas, Nahusha, that great king, when he obtained the sovereignty of the deities, observed all these rites and duties fraught with great glory.  Some time after the good fortune of Nahusha waned, and as the consequence thereof, he disregarded all these observances and began to act in defiance of all restraints in the manner I have already adverted to.  The chief of the deities, in consequence of his abstention from observing the ordinances about the offers of incense and light, began to decline in energy.  His sacrificial rites and presents were obstructed by Rakshasas.  It was at this time that Nahusha yoked that foremost of Rishis, viz., Agastya, to his car.  Endued with great strength, Nahusha, smiling the while, set that great Rishi quickly to the task, commanding him to bear the vehicle from the banks of the Saraswati (to the place he would indicate).  At this time, Bhrigu, endued with great energy, addressed the son of Mitravaruna, saying, ’Do thou close thy eyes till I enter into the matted locks on thy head.’  Having said this, Bhrigu of unfading glory and mighty energy entered into the matted locks of Agastya who stood still like a wooden post for hurling king Nahusha from the throne of Heaven.  Soon after Nahusha saw Agastya approach him for bearing his vehicle.  Beholding the lord of the deities Agastya addressed him, saying, ’Do thou yoke me to thy vehicle without delay.  To what region shall I bear thee?  O lord of the deities, I shall bear thee to the spot which thou mayst be pleased to direct.’  Thus addressed by him, Nahusha caused the ascetic to be yoked to his vehicle.  Bhrigu, who was staying within the matted locks of Agastya, became highly pleased at this act of Nahusha.  He took care not to cast his eyes upon Nahusha.  Fully acquainted with the energy which the illustrious Nahusha had acquired in consequence of the boon which Brahman had granted him, Bhrigu conducted himself in this way.  Agastya also, though treated by Nahusha in this way, did not give way to wrath.  Then, O Bharata, king Nahusha urged Agastya on with, his goad.  The righteous-souled Rishi did not still give way to anger.  The lord of the deities, himself giving way to anger, then struck Agastya on the head with his left foot.  When the Rishi was thus struck on the head, Bhrigu, who was staying within Agastya’s matted locks, became incensed and cursed Nahusha of sinful soul, saying, ’Since thou hast struck with thy foot on the head of this great Rishi, do thou, therefore, fall down on the earth, transformed into a snake, O wretch of wicked understanding!’ Thus cursed by Bhrigu who had not been seen.  Nahusha immediately became transformed into a snake and fell down on the earth, O chief of Bharata’s race!  If O monarch, Nahusha had seen Bhrigu, the latter would not then have succeeded, by his energy, in hurling the former down on the earth.  In consequence
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