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and accomplishments that are desired, and cleanses the heart.[395] I have thus told thee, O sinless one, the origin of gold.  O thou of puissance, hear how Kartikeya grew up, O delighter of Bhrigu’s race.  After a long time Kartikeya grew up.  He was then, O perpetuator of Bhrigu’s race, chosen by all the deities with Indra at their head, as the generalissimo of the celestial forces.  He slew the Daitya Taraka as also many other Asuras, at the command of the chief of the celestials, O Brahmana, and actuated also by the desire of benefiting all the worlds.  I have also, O thou of great might, discoursed to thee on the merits of making gifts of gold.  Do thou, therefore, O foremost of all speakers make gifts of gold.’

“Bhishma continued, ’Thus addressed by Vasishtha, Jamadagni’s son of great prowess then made gifts of gold unto the Brahmanas and became cleansed of his sins.  I have thus told thee, O king, everything about the merits of the gifts of gold and about its origin also, O Yudhishthira.  Do thou also, therefore, make abundant gifts of gold unto the Brahmanas.  Verily, O king, by making such gifts of gold, thou wilt surely be cleansed of all thy sins!’”


“Yudhishthira said, ’Thou hast, O grandsire, discoursed to me, in detail on the merits that attach to the gift of gold agreeably with the ordinances laid down in the scriptures as indicated in the auditions of the Veda.  Thou hast also narrated what the origin is of gold.  Do thou tell me now how Taraka met with destruction.  Thou hast said, O king, that Asura had become unslayable by the gods.  Do thou tell me in detail how his destruction was brought about.  O perpetuator of Kuru’s race, I desire to hear this from thee.  I mean the details of Taraka’s slaughter.  Great is my curiosity to hear the narrative.’

“Bhishma said, ’The gods and the Rishis, O monarch, reduced to great distress (by Taraka’s prowess and the conduct of Ganga in casting off Agni’s seed), urged the six Krittikas to rear that child.  Amongst the celestial ladies there were none, save these, that could, by their energy, bear the seed of Agni in their wombs.  The god of fire became exceedingly gratified with those goddesses for their readiness to sustain the conception caused by the cast off seed of Agni which was endued with his own high energy.  When the energy of Agni, O king, was divided into six portions and placed within the channels (leading to the womb), the six Krittikas began to nourish the portion that each held in her womb.  As the high-souled Kumara, however, began to grow within their wombs, their bodies being afflicted by his energy, they failed to obtain peace anywhere (in heaven or on earth).  Filled with energy as their bodies were, the time at last came for delivery.  All of them, it so happened, O prince of men, delivered at the same time.  Though held in six different wombs, yet all the portions, as they came out, united

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