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of procreating a child when he was desirous of procreating one upon me, as the consequence of this act, ye deities, ye all shall become sonless.  Verily, since ye have opposed the birth of issue from me, therefore, ye shall have no offspring of your own.’  At the time this curse was denounced, O perpetuator of Bhrigu’s race, the deity of fire was not there.  It is in consequence of this curse of the goddess that the deities have become childless.  Rudra, solicited by them, held in himself his energy of incomparable puissance.  A small quantity, however, that came out of his body fell down on the earth.  That seed, falling on the earth, leaped into a blazing fire and there began to grow (in size and power) most wonderfully.  The energy of Rudra, coming in contact with another energy of great puissance, became identified with it in respect of essence.  Meanwhile, all the deities having Sakra at their head, were scorched a good deal by the Asura named Taraka.  The Adityas, the Vasus, the Rudras, the Maruts, the Aswins, and the Sadhyas all became exceedingly afflicted in consequence of the prowess of that son of Diti.  All the regions of the deities, their beautiful cars, and their palatial mansions, and the retreats of the Rishis, were snatched away by the Asuras.  Then the deities and the Rishis, with cheerless hearts, sought the protection of the illustrious and puissant Brahman of unfading glory.’”


’The Deities said, ’The Asura named Taraka who has received boons from thee, O puissant one, is afflicting the deities and the Rishis.  Let his death be ordained by thee.  O Grandsire, great has been our fear from him.  O illustrious one, do thou rescue us.  We have no other refuge than thee.’

“Brahman said, ’I am equal in my behaviour towards all creatures.  I cannot, however, approve of unrighteousness.  Let Taraka, that opponent of the deities and Rishis, be quickly destroyed.  The Vedas and the eternal duties shall not be exterminated, ye foremost of celestials!  I have ordained what is proper in this matter.  Let the fever of your hearts be dispelled.’

“The Deities said, ’In consequence of thy having granted him boons, that son of Diti has been proud of his might.  He is incapable of being slain, by the deities.  How then will his death be brought about?  The boon which, O Grandsire, he has obtained from thee is that he should not be slayable by deities or Asuras or Rakshasas.  The deities have also been cursed by the spouse of Rudra in consequence of their endeavour in former days to stop propagation.  The curse denounced by her has been, O lord of the universe, even this, viz., that they are not to have any offspring.’

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