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(as the reward thereof).  Verify, O chief of the celestials, she had stood upon one leg for many long years, desirous of having a son.[382] Beholding the great goddess Aditi thus undergoing the severest austerities, the daughter of Daksha, viz., the illustrious Surabhi, herself devoted to righteousness, similarly underwent very severe austerities upon the breast of the delightful mountains of Kailasa that are resorted to by both the deities and the Gandharvas.  Established on the highest Yoga she also stood upon one leg for eleven thousand years.  The deities with the Rishis and the great Nagas all became scorched with the severity of her penances.  Repairing thither with me, all of them began to adore that auspicious goddess.  I then addressed that goddess endued with penances and said, ’O goddess, O thou of faultless conduct, for what purpose, dost thou undergo such severe austerities.  O highly blessed one, I am gratified with thy penances, O beautiful one!  Do thou, O goddess, solicit what boon thou desirest.  I shall grant thee whatever thou mayst ask.’  Even these were my words unto her, O Purandara.  Thus addressed by me, Surabhi answered me, saying, ’I have no need, O Grandsire, of boons.  Even this, O sinless one, is a great boon to me that thou hast been gratified with me.’  Unto the illustrious Surabhi, O chief of the celestials who said so unto me, O lord of Sachi, I answered even in these words, O foremost of the deities, viz., ’O goddess, at this exhibition of thy freedom from cupidity and desire and at these penances of thine, O thou of beautiful face, I have been exceedingly gratified.  I, therefore, grant thee the boon of immortality.  Thou shalt dwell in a region that is higher than the three worlds, through my grace.  That region shall be known to all by the name of Goloka.  Thy offspring, ever engaged in doing good acts, will reside in the world of men.  In fact, O highly blessed one, thy daughters will reside there.  All kinds of enjoyment, celestial and human, that thou mayst think of, will immediately be thine.  Whatever happiness exists in Heaven, will also be thine, O blessed one.’  The regions, O thou of a hundred eyes, that are Surabhi’s are endued with means for the gratification of every wish.  Neither Death, nor Decrepitude, nor fire, can overcome its denizens.  No ill luck, O Vasava, exists there.  Many delightful woods, and delightful ornaments and objects of beauty may be seen there.  There many beautiful cars, all excellently equipped, which move at the will of the rider, may be seen, O Vasava, O thou of eyes like lotus-petals, it is only by Brahmacharya, by penances, by Truth, by self-restraint, by gifts, by diverse kinds of righteous deeds, by sojourns to sacred waters, in fact, by severe austerities and righteous acts well-performed, that one can attain to Goloka.  Thou hast asked me, O Sakra, and I have answered the in full, O slayer of Asuras, thou shouldst never disregard kine.’

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