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next drink hot ghee for three days.  Having in this way drunk hot ghee for three days, one should subsist for the next three days on air only.  That sacred thing by whose aid the deities enjoy regions of felicity, that which is the most sacred of all sacred things, viz., ghee should then be borne on the head.[380] With the aid of ghee one should pour libations on the sacred fire.  By making gifts of ghee, one should cause the Brahman to utter benedictions on oneself.  One should eat ghee and make gifts of ghee.  As the reward of this conduct, one may then attain to that prosperity which belongs to kine.  That man who, for a month, subsists upon the gruel of barley picked up every day from cow dung becomes cleansed of sins as grave as the slaughter of a Brahman.  After their defeat at the hands of the Daityas, the deities practised this expiation.  It was in consequence of this expiation that they succeeded in regaining their position as deities.  Verily, it was through this that they regained their strength and became crowned with success.  Kine are sacred.  They are embodiments of merit.  They are high and most efficacious cleansers of all.  By making gifts of kine unto the Brahmanas one attains to Heaven.  Living in a pure state, in the midst of kine, one should mentally recite those sacred Mantras that are known by the name of Gomati, after touching pure water.  By doing this, one becomes purified and cleansed (of all sins).  Brahmanas of righteous deeds, who have been cleansed by knowledge, study of the Vedas, and observance of vows, should, only in the midst of sacred fires or kine or assemblies of Brahmanas, impart unto their disciples a knowledge of the Gomati Mantras which are every way like unto a sacrifice (for the merit they produce).  One should observe a fast for three nights for receiving the boon constituted by a knowledge of the import of the Gomati Mantras.  The man who is desirous of obtaining a son may obtain one by adoring these Mantras.  He who desires the possession of wealth may have his desire gratified by adoring these Mantras.  The girl desirous of having a good husband may have her wish fulfilled by the same means.  In fact, one may acquire the fruition of every wish one may cherish, by adoring these sacred Mantras.  When kine are gratified with the service one renders them, they are, without doubt, capable of granting the fruition of every wish.  Even so, kine are highly blessed.  They are the essential requisites of sacrifices.  They are grantors of every wish.  Know that there is nothing superior to kine.’

“Bhishma continued, ’Thus addressed by his high-souled sire, Suka, endued with great energy, began from that time to worship kine every day.  Do thou also, O son, conduct thyself in the same way.’”


“Yudhishthira said, ’I have heard that the dung of the cow is endued with Sree.  I desire to hear how this has been brought about.  I have doubts, O grandsire, which thou shouldst dispel.’[381]

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