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the three worlds.  By penances well-performed, emancipation itself may be achieved.  Behold, the puissance of the high-souled and celestial Rishi Chyavana derived from his penances.  He can, at his pleasure, create even other worlds (than those which exist).  Only Brahmanas are born in this world to attain to speech and understanding and acts that are sacred.  Who else than Chyavana could do all this?  Sovereignty may be acquired with ease.  But the status of a Brahmana is not so attainable.  It was through the puissance of a Brahmana that we were harnessed to a car like well-broken animals!’ These reflections that passed through the king’s brain became known to Chyavana.  Ascertaining the king’s thoughts, the Rishi addressed him and said, ‘Come hither quickly!’ Thus addressed, the king and the queen approached the great ascetic, and, bending their heads, they worshipped him who deserved worship.  Uttering a benediction upon the monarch, the Rishi, possessed of great intelligence, O chief of men, comforted the king and said, ‘Sit down on that seat!’ After this, O monarch, the son of Bhrigu, without guile or insincerity of any kind, gratified the king with many soft words, and then said, ’O king, thou hast completely subjugated the five organs of action and the five organs of knowledge with the mind as their sixth.  Thou hast for this come out unscathed from the fiery ordeal I had prepared for thee.  I have been properly honoured and adored, O son, by thee, O foremost of all persons possessed of speech.  Thou hast no sin, not even a minute one, in thee!  Give me leave, O king, for I shall now proceed to the place I came from.  I have been exceedingly pleased with thee, O monarch!  Do thou accept the boon I am ready to give.’

“Kusika said, ’In thy presence, O holy one, I have stayed like one staying in the midst of a fire.  That I have not yet, O chief of Bhrigu’s race been consumed, is sufficient!  Even this is the highest boon that has been obtained, O delighter of Bhrigu!  That thou hast been gratified by me, O Brahmana, and that I have succeeded in rescuing my race from destruction, O sinless one, constitute in my case the best boons.  This I regard, O learned Brahmana, as a distinct evidence of thy grace.  The end of my life has been accomplished.  Even this is what I regard the very end of my sovereignty.  Even this is the highest fruit of my penances![311] If, O learned Brahmana, thou hast been pleased with me, O delighter of Bhrigu, then do thou expound some doubts which are in my mind!’


“Chyavana said, ’Do thou accept a boon from me.  Do thou also, O chief of men, tell me what the doubt is that is in thy mind.  I shall certainly accomplish all thy purposes.’

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