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each other, ’Behold the might of penances!  Although all of us are angry, we are still unable to look at the Rishi!  Great is the energy of the holy Rishi of cleaned soul!  Behold also the endurance of the king and his royal spouse!  Though worn out with toil and hunger, they are still bearing the car!  The son of Bhrigu notwithstanding the misery he caused to Kusika and his queen, failed to mark any sign of dissatisfaction or agitation in them.’

“Bhishma continued, ’The perpetuator of Bhrigu’s race beholding the king and the queen totally unmoved, began to give away very largely (wealth obtained from the king’s treasury) as if he were a second Lord of Treasures.  At this act also, king Kusika Showed no mark of dissatisfaction.  He did as the Rishi commanded (in the matter of those gifts).  Seeing all this, that illustrious and best of ascetics became delighted.  Coming down from that excellent car, he unharnessed the royal couple.  Having freed them, he addressed them duly.  Indeed, the son of Bhrigu, in a soft, deep, and delighted voice, said, ’I am ready to give an excellent boon unto you both!’ Delicate as they were, their bodies had been pierced with the goad.  That best of ascetics, moved by affection, softly touched them with his hands whose healing virtues resembled those of nectar itself, O chief of the Bharatas.  Then the king answered, ’My wife and I have felt no toil!’ Indeed, all their fatigue had been dispelled by the puissance of the Rishi, and hence it was that the king could say so unto the Rishi.  Delighted with their conduct, the illustrious Chyavana said unto them, ’I have never before spoken an untruth.  It must, therefore, be as I have said.  This spot on the banks of the Ganga is very delightful and auspicious.  I shall, observant of a vow, dwell for a little while here, O king!  Do thou return to thy city.  Thou are fatigued!  Thou shalt come again.  Tomorrow, O king, thou shalt, returning with thy spouse, behold me even here.  Thou shouldst not give way to wrath or grief.  The time is come when thou shalt reap a great reward!  That which is coveted by thee and which is in thy heart shall verily be accomplished.’  Thus addressed by the Rishi, king Kusika, with a delighted heart, replied unto the Rishi in these words of grave import, ’I have cherished no wrath or grief, O highly-blessed one!  We have been cleansed and sanctified by thee, O holy one!  We have once more become endued with youth.  Behold our bodies have become exceedingly beautiful and possessed of great strength.  I do not any longer see those wounds and cicatrices that were caused by thee on our persons with thy goad.  Verily, with my spouse, I am in good health.  I see my goddess become as beautiful in body as an Apsara.  Verily, she is endued with as much comeliness and splendour as she had ever been before.  All this, O great ascetic, is due to thy grace.  Verily, there is nothing astonishing in all this, O holy Rishi of puissance ever unbaffled.’  Thus addressed

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