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to accept the same.  Having welcomed and honoured the learned Brahmana in this way, the king once more addressed him and said, ’We two await thy orders!  Command us what we are to do for thee, O holy one!  If it is our kingdom or wealth or kine, O thou of rigid vows, or all articles that are given away in sacrifices, which thou wantest, tell us the word, and we shall bestow all upon thee!  This palace, the kingdom, this seat of justice, await thy pleasure.  Thou art the lord of all these!  Do thou rule the earth!  As regards myself, I am completely dependent upon thee.’  Addressed in these words by the king, Chyavana of Bhrigu’s race, filled with great delight, said unto Kusika these words in reply.’

“Chyavana said, ’I do not, O king, covet thy kingdom, nor thy wealth, nor the damsels thou hast, nor thy kine, nor thy provinces, nor articles needed for sacrifice.  Do thou listen to me.  If it pleases thee and thy wife, I shall commence to observe a certain vow.  I desire thee and thy wife to serve me during that period without any scruples.  Thus addressed by the Rishi, the king and the queen became filled with joy, O Bharata, and answered him, saving, ‘Be it so, O Rishi!’ Delighted with the Rishi’s words, the king led him into an apartment of the palace.  It was an excellent one, agreeable to see.  The king showed him everything in that room.  And the king said.  ’This, O holy one, is thy bed.  Do thou live here as thou pleasest!  O thou that art endued with wealth of asceticism, myself and my queen shall strive our best to give thee every comfort and every pleasure.’  While they were thus conversing with each other, the sun passed the meridian.  The Rishi commanded the king to bring him food and drink, King Kusika, bowing unto the Rishi, asked him, saying, ’What kind of food is agreeable to thee?  What food, indeed, shall be brought for thee?’ Filled with delight, the Rishi answered that rule of men, O Bharata, saying, ‘Let food that is proper be given to me.’  Receiving these words with respect, the king said, ‘So be it!’ and then offered unto the Rishi food of the proper kind.  Having finished his meals, the holy Chyavana, conversant with every duty, addressed the king and the queen, saying, ’I desire to slumber.  O puissant one, sleep hinders me now.’  Proceeding thence to a chamber that had been prepared for him, that best of Rishis then laid himself down upon a bed.  The king and the queen sat themselves down.  The Rishi said to them, ’Do not, while I sleep, awake me.  Do ye keep yourselves awake and continually press my feet as long as I sleep.’  Without the least scruple, Kusika, conversant with every duty, said, ‘So be it!’ Indeed, the king and the queen kept themselves awake all night, duly engaged in tending and serving the Rishi in the manner directed.  The royal couple, O monarch accomplished the Rishi’s bidding with earnestness and attention.  Meanwhile the holy Brahmana, having thus laid his commands upon the king, slept soundly, without changing his posture

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