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“Bhishma continued, ’This addressed by them, Chyauana, from among that heap of fishes around him, said, ’Do ye with concentrated attention hear what my most cherished wish is.  I shall either die with these fishes or do ye sell me with them.  I have lived with them for a long time within the water.  I do not wish to abandon them at such a time.’  When he said these words unto them, the fishermen became exceedingly terrified.  With pale faces they repaired to king Nahusha and informed him of all that had taken place.’”


“Bhishma said, ’King Nahusha hearing the pass to which Chyavana was reduced, quickly proceeded to that spot accompanied by his ministers and priest.  Having cleansed himself duly, the king, with joined palms and concentrated attention, introduced himself unto the high-souled Chyavana.  The king’s priest then worshipped with due ceremonies that Rishi, O monarch, who was observant of the vow of truth and endued with a high soul, and who resembled a god himself (in splendour and energy).’

“Nahusha said, ’Tell me, O best of regenerate persons, what act shall we do that may be agreeable to thee?  However difficult that act may be, there is nothing, O holy one, that I shall not be able to accomplish at thy bidding.’

“Chyavana said, ’These men that live by catching fish have all been tried with labour.  Do thou pay them the price that may be set upon me along with the value of these fish.’

“Nahusha said, ’Let my priest give unto these Nishadas a thousand coins as a price for purchasing these sacred one as he himself has commanded.’

“Chyavana said, ’A thousand coins cannot represent my price.  The question depends upon your discretion.  Give them a fair value, settling with thy own intelligence what it should be.’

“Nahusha said, ’Let, O learned Brahmana, a hundred thousand coins be given unto these Nishadas.  Shall this be thy price, O holy one, or dost think otherwise?’

“Chyavana said, ’I should not be purchased for a hundred thousand coins, O best of monarchs!  Let a proper price be given unto them.  Do thou consult with thy ministers.’

“Nahusha said, ’Let my priest give unto these Nishadas a crore of coins.  If even this does not represent thy price, let more be paid unto them.’

“Chyavana said, ’O king, I do not deserve to be purchased for a crore of coins or even more.  Let that price be given unto those men which would be fair or proper.  Do thou ‘consult with the Brahmanas.’

“Nahusha said, ’Let half of my kingdom or even the whole be given away unto these Nishadas.  I think that would represent thy price.  What, however, dost thou think, O regenerate one?’

“Chyavana said, ’I do not deserve to be purchased with half thy kingdom or even the whole of it, O king!  Let thy price which is proper be given unto these men.  Do thou consult with the Rishis.’

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