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Subject to the influence of another, she uttered these words, but became rather ashamed for uttering them.  Hearing her, Purandara became exceedingly cheerless.  Observing that awkward result, the chief of the celestials, O monarch, adorned with a thousand eyes saw every thing with his spiritual eye.  He then beheld the ascetic staying within the body of the lady.  Indeed, the ascetic remained within the body of his preceptor’s wife like an image or reflection on a mirror.  Beholding the ascetic endued with the terrible might of penances, Purandara, O monarch, fearing the Rishi’s curse, trembled in fright.  Vipula then, possessed of high ascetic might, left the body of his preceptor’s wife and returned to his own body that was lying near.  He then addressed the terrified Indra in the following words: 

“Vipula said, ’O wicked-souled Purandara, O thou of sinful mind, O wretch that hast no control over thy senses, neither the deities nor human beings will worship thee for any length of time!  Hast thou forgotten it.  O Sakra,—­does it not still dwell in thy remembrance,—­that Gautama had cursed thee in consequence of which thy body became disfigured with a thousand sex-marks, which, owing to the Rishi’s compassion, were afterwards changed into organs of vision?  I know that thou art of an exceedingly foolish understanding, that thy soul is uncleansed, and that thou art of an exceedingly unstable mind!  O fool, know that this lady is being protected by me.  O sinful wretch, go back to that place whence thou tamest.  O thou of foolish soul, I do not consume thee today into ashes with my energy.  Verily, I am filled with compassion for thee.  It is for this that I do not, O Vasava, wish to burn thee.  My preceptor, endued with great intelligence, is possessed of terrible might.  With eyes blazing with wrath, he would, if he saw thee, have burnt thy sinful self today.  Thou shouldst not, O Sakra, do like this again.  The Brahmanas should be regarded by thee.  See that thou dost not, with thy sons and counsellors, meet with destruction, afflicted by the might of the Brahmanas.  Thou thinkest that thou art an immortal and that, therefore, art at liberty to proceed in this way.  Do not, however, disregard the Brahmanas.  Know that there is nothing unattainable by penance.’

“Bhishma continued, ’Hearing these words of the high-souled Vipula, Sakra without saying anything, and overwhelmed with shame, made himself invisible.  A moment after he had gone away, Devasarman of high ascetic merit, having accomplished the sacrifice he had intended to perform, came back to his own asylum.  When his preceptor came back, Vipula, who had done an agreeable deed, gave, unto him his wife of faultless beauty whom he had successfully protected against the machinations of Indra.  Of tranquil soul and full of reverence for his preceptor, Vipula respectfully saluted him and stood in his presence with a fearless heart.  After his preceptor had rested a while

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