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of illusion.  Possessed of great energy, he is difficult of being resisted.  Indra cannot be kept out by enclosing this retreat of ours or fencing this yard, since he is capable of assuming innumerable forms.  Assuming the form of the wind, the chief of the celestials may assault the spouse of my preceptor.  The best course, therefore, for me, would be to enter (by Yoga-power) the body of this lady and remain there.  By putting forth my prowess I shall not be able to protect the lady, for the puissant chastiser of Paka, it has been heard by me, is capable of assuming any form he likes.  I shall, therefore, protect this one from Indra by my Yoga-power.  For carrying out my object I shall with my body enter the body of this lady.  If my preceptor, coming back, beholds his spouse defiled, he will, without doubt, curse me through wrath, for endued with great ascetic merit, he is possessed of spiritual vision.  This lady is incapable of being protected in the way in which other women are protected by men, since the chief of the celestials is endued with large powers of illusion.  Alas, the situation in which I find myself is very critical.  The behest of my preceptor should certainly be obeyed by me.  If, therefore, I protect her by my Yoga-power, the feat will be regarded by all as a wonderful one.  By my Yoga-power, therefore, I shall enter the body of my preceptor’s lady.  I shall stay within her and yet not touch her person, like a drop of water on a lotus-leaf which lies on it and yet does not drench it at all.  If I be free from the taint of passion, I cannot incur any fault by doing what I wish to do.  As a traveller, in course of his sojourn, takes up his residence (for a while) in any empty mansion he finds, I shall, after the same manner, reside this day within the body of my preceptor’s lady Verily, with mind rapt up in Yoga, I shall dwell today in this lady’s body!  Giving his best consideration to these points of righteousness, thinking of all the Vedas and their branches, and with eye directed to the large measure of penances which his preceptor had and which he himself also was possessed of, and having settled in his mind, with a view only to protect the lady, to enter her person by Yoga-power.  Vipula of Bhrigu’s race took great care (for accomplishing his purpose).  Listen now to me, O monarch, as I recite to thee what he did.  Endued with great penances, Vipula sat himself down by the side of his preceptor’s spouse as she of faultless features was sitting in her cottage, Vipula then began to discourse to her bringing her over to the cause of righteousness and truth.  Directing his eyes then to hers and uniting the rays of light that emanated from her organs of vision with those that issued from his, Vipula (in his subtile form) entered the lady’s body even as the element of wind enters that of ether of space.  Penetrating her eyes with his eyes and her face with his face, Vipula stayed, without moving, within her invisibly, like her shadow.  Restraining every part of the lady’s body, Vipula continued to dwell within her, intent on protecting her from Indra.  The lady herself knew nothing of this.  It was in this way, O monarch, that Vipula continued to protect the lady till the time of his high-souled preceptor’s coming back after accomplishing the sacrifice which he had gone out to perform.’”

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