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by every kind of felicity, are transitory or liable to destruction, men of subdued souls, who are desirous of attaining to that everlasting station which is identical with Brahma, always pay their adorations to Ganga with that reverence and love which are due from a son to mother.  The men of cleansed soul who is desirous of achieving success should seek the protection of Ganga who is like a cow that yields Amrita instead of ordinary milk, who is prosperity’s self, who is possessed of omniscience, who exists for the entire universe of creatures, who is the source of all kinds of food, who is the mother of all mountains, who is the refuge of all righteous persons, who is immeasurable in puissance and energy, and who charms the heart of Brahma himself.  Having, with austere penances, gratified all the deities with the Supreme Lord (Vishnu), Bhagiratha brought Ganga down on the Earth.  Repairing unto her, men always succeed in freeing themselves from every kind of fear both here and hereafter.  Observing with the aid of intelligence, I have mentioned to thee only a small part of the merits of Ganga.  My power, however, is inadequate to speak of all the merits of the sacred river, or, indeed, to measure her puissance and sanctity.  One may, by putting forth one’s best powers, count the stones that occur in the mountains of Meru or measure the waters that occur in the ocean, but one cannot count all the merits which belong to the waters of Ganga.  Hence, having listened to these particular merits of Ganga which I have uttered with great devotion, one should, in thought, word and deed, reverence them with faith and devotion.  In consequence of thy having listened to those merits which I have recited, thou art sure to fill all the three regions with fame and attain to a measure of success that is very large and that is difficult of being attained to by any other person.  Verily, thou shalt, soon after that, sport in joy many a region of great felicity created by Ganga herself for those that reverence her.  Ganga always extends her grace unto those that are devoted to her with humbleness of heart.  She unites those that are so devoted to her with every kind of happiness.  I pray that the highly-blessed Ganga may always inspire thy heart and mine with such attributes as are fraught with righteousness’.

“Bhishma continued, ’The learned ascetic endued with high intelligence and great illumination, and crowned with success, having in this manner discoursed unto that poor Brahmana in the observance of the Sila vow, on the subjects of the infinite merits of Ganga, then ascended the firmament.  The Brahmana in the observance of Sila vow, awakened by the words of that ascetic crowned with success, duly worshipped Ganga and attained to high success.  Do thou also, O son of Kunti, seek Ganga with great devotion, for thou shalt then, as the reward thereof, attain to high and excellent success.

“Vaisampayana continued ’Hearing this discourse from Bhishma that was fraught with the praise of Ganga, Yudhishthira with his brothers became filled with great delight.  That person who recites or hears recited this sacred discourse fraught with the praise of Ganga, becomes cleansed of every sin.’”

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