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greater consideration from thee than thy husband, do thou obey my words.  The charu, duly consecrated with hymns, which thy husband has given to thee, do thou give unto me and thyself take the one that has been prescribed for me.  O sweetly-smiling one of blameless character, if thou hast any respect for my word, let us change the trees respectively designed for us.  Every one desires to possess an excellent and stainless being for his own son.  The glorious Richika too must have acted from a similar motive in this matter, as will appear in the end.  For this reason, O beautiful girl, my heart inclines towards thy charu, and thy tree, and thou too shouldst consider how to secure an excellent brother for thyself.—­The mother and the daughter Satyavati having acted in this way, they both, O Yudhishthira, became big with child.  And that great Rishi, the excellent descendant of Bhrigu, finding his wife quick with child, was pleased at heart, and addressing her, said,—­O excellent lady, thou hast not done well in exchanging the charu as will soon become apparent.  It is also clear that thou hast changed the trees.  I had placed the entire accumulated energy of Brahma in thy charu and Kshatriya energy in the charu of thy mother.  I had so ordered that thou wouldst give birth to a Brahmana whose virtues would be famous throughout the three worlds, and that she (thy mother) would give birth to an excellent Kshatriya.  But now, O excellent lady, that thou hast reversed the order (of the charu) so, thy mother will give birth to an excellent Brahmana and thou too, O excellent lady, will give birth to a Kshatriya terrible in action.  Thou hast not done will, O lady, by acting thus out of affection for thy mother.—­Hearing this, O king the excellent lady Satyavati, struck with sorrow, fell upon the ground like a beautiful creeper cut in twain.  Regaining her senses and bowing unto her lord with head (bent), the daughter of Gadhi said to her husband, that foremost one of Bhrigu’s race,—­O regenerate Rishi, O thou that art foremost amongst those versed in Brahma, do thou take pity on me, thy wife, who is thus appeasing thee and so order that a Kshatriya son may not be born unto me.  Let my grandson be such a one as will be famous for his terrible achievements, if it be thy desire, but not my son, O Brahmana.  Do thou confer this favour on me.—­Be it so,—­said that man of austere penances to his wife and then, O king, she gave birth to a blessed son named Jamadagni.  The celebrated wife of Gadhi too gave birth to the regenerate Rishi Viswamitra versed in the knowledge of Brahma, by favour of that Rishi.  The highly devout Viswamitra, though a Kshatriya, attained to the state of a Brahmana and became the founder of a race of Brahmanas.  His sons became high-souled progenitors of many races of Brahmanas who were devoted to austere penances, learned in the Vedas, and founders, of many clans.  The adorable Madhuchcchanda and the mighty Devrat, Akshina, Sakunta, Vabhru, Kalapatha,
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