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shalt not have to go to hell, i.e., thither where great Brahmanas go.  Thou shalt go into the region of Brahma which is uncreate and free from every fault.  I go hence, but that which thou hast asked me shall happen.[636] Go on reciting with restrained soul and rapt attention.  The god Dharma will in person come to thee.  Time, Mrityu. and Yama also will all approach thy presence.  There will be a dispute here between them and thee on a question of morality.’

’Bhishma continued, ’Having said these words, the goddess went back to her own abode.  The Brahmana. continued engaged in recitation for a thousand celestial years.  Restraining wrath, and always controlling self, he passed his time, firmly devoting himself to truth and freed from malice.  Upon the completion of his observance by the intelligent Brahmana, Dharma, gratified with him, showed his person unto that regenerate individual.’

’Dharma said, ’O regenerate one, behold me who am Dharma.  I have come here for seeing thee.  Thou hast won the reward of this recitation in which thou hadst been engaged.  Listen to ma as to what that reward is.  Thou hast won all the regions of felicity which appertain to either gods or men.  O good man, thou shalt ascend above all the abodes of the deities.  O ascetic, cast off thy vital breaths then, and go unto whatever regions thou pleasest.  By casting off thy body thou wilt win many regions of felicity.’

“The Brahmana said, ’What business have I with those regions of felicity of which thou speakest?  O Dharma, go whithersoever thou pleasest.  I will not, O puissant lord, cast off this body which is subject to much happiness and misery.’

“Dharma said, ’Thy body, O foremost of ascetics, should certainly be cast off.  Do thou ascend to heaven, O Brahmana!  Or, tell us what else should please thee, O sinless one!’

“The Brahmana said, ’I do not, O puissant lord, wish to reside in heaven itself without this body of mine.  Leave me, O Dharma!  I have no desire to go to heaven itself without my own body.’

“Dharma said, ’Without (thus) setting thy heart on thy body, cast it off and be happy Go into regions that are free from the attribute of Passion.  Indeed, going thither, thou shalt never have to feel any misery.’

“The Brahmana said, ’O highly-blessed one, I take great pleasure in recitation.  What need have I for those eternal regions of which thou speakest?  Indeed, O puissant lord, I do not desire to go to heaven with even this body of mine.’

“Dharma said, ’If thou dost not wish to cast off thy body, behold, O regenerate one, there is Time, and there is Mrityu, and there is Yama, who are all approaching thee!’

’Bhishma continued, ’After Dharma had said this, Vivaswat’s son (Yama), Time, and Mrityu,—­the trio (who snatch away all creatures from the earth), approached that Brahmana, O blessed king, and addressed him thus.’

“Yama said, ’I am Yama.  I say unto thee that a high reward awaits thee for these well-performed penances of thine, and for this pious conduct that thou hast observed.’

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