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mind.  That Soul is the Creator Brahman who exists in all things.  When the Soul becomes endued with vulgar attributes, it comes to be called Kshetrajna.  When freed from those attributes, it comes to be called Paramatman or Supreme Soul.  Know that Soul.  He is inspired with universal benevolence.  He resides in the body like a drop of water in a lotus.  Know well that which is called Kshetrajna and which has universal benevolence.  Darkness, Passion, and Goodness are the attributes of the living agent.  The learned say that the Soul has Consciousness and exists with the attributes of life.  The soul exerts and causes everything to exert.  Persons that have a knowledge of the Soul say that the Soul is different from life.  It is the Supreme Soul that has created the seven worlds and sets them agoing.  There is no destruction of the living agent when the dissolution of the body takes place.  Men destitute of intelligence say that it dies.  That is certainly untrue.  All that the living agent does is to go from one unto another body.  That which is called death is only the dissolution of the body.  It is thus that the Soul, wrapped in diverse forms, migrates from form to form, unseen and unnoticed by others.  Persons possessed of true Knowledge behold the Soul by their keen and subtile intelligence.  The man of wisdom, living on frugal fare, and with heart cleansed of all sins, devoting himself to yoga meditation, succeeds every night, before sleep and after sleep, in beholding his Soul by the aid of his Soul.[561] In consequence of a contented heart, and by abandoning all acts good and bad, one can obtain infinite happiness by depending upon one’s own Soul.  The king, of fiery effulgence, residing within the mind is called the living agent.  It is from that Lord of everything that this creation has sprung.  Even this is the conclusion to be arrived at in the enquiry into the origin of creatures and the soul.’


“Bhrigu said, ’Brahman first created a few Brahmanas who came to be called Prajapatis (lords of creation).  Possessed of splendour equal to that of the fire or the Sun, they were created out of the energy of that First-born Being.  The puissant Lord then created Truth, Duty, Penance, the eternal Vedas, all kinds of pious acts, and Purity, for enabling creatures to attain to heaven (by practising them).  After this, the Deities and the Danavas, the Gandharvas, the Daityas, the Asuras, the great snakes, the Yakshas, the Rakshasas, the Serpents, the Pisachas, and human beings with their four divisions, viz., Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras, O best of regenerate ones, and all the other orders of creatures that exist, were created.  The complexion the Brahmanas obtained was white; that which the Kshatriyas obtained was red; that which the Vaisyas got was yellow; and that which was given to the Sudras was black.’

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