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of evil.  They that are born under an auspicious constellation on an auspicious lunation and at an auspicious hour, strive their best for performing sacrifices, practising charity, and procreating children, and desiring to pass their time cheerfully in those acts, at last win very great happiness.[540] They, on the other hand, that are born under evil constellations, inauspicious lunations, and at evil hours, become destitute of sacrifices and progeny and at last fall into the Asura order.[541] In my former life I had much useless learning.  I always sought for reasons and had very little faith.  I was a slanderer of the Vedas.  I was destitute of the (fourfold) objects of life, and was devoted to that science of argumentation which is based upon ocular or tangible proofs.[542] I used to utter words based on (plausible) reasons.  Indeed, in assemblies, I always spoke of reasons (and never faith).  I used to speak irreverently of the declarations of the Srutis and address Brahmanas in domineering tones.  I was an unbeliever, skeptical of everything, and though really ignorant, proud of my learning.  This status of a jackal that I have obtained in this life is the consequence, O regenerate one, of those sins of mine!  If even after hundreds of days and nights I that am a jackal can once again obtain the status of humanity, I shall then pass my life in contentment, heedful of the true objects of existence, and engaged in sacrifices and gifts.  I shall then know what should be known, and avoid what should be avoided!’ Thus addressed, the ascetic Kasyapa, rising up, said, ’O, thou art certainly possessed of knowledge and great intelligence!  I am really surprised at all this!’ With eyes whose vision was extended by knowledge, the Brahmana then beheld that being who had addressed him to be Indra, chief of the gods and the lord of Sachi.  Kasyapa then worshipped that god having the best of steeds for the animal that bore him.  Receiving afterwards the god’s permission, the Brahmana returned to his abode.’”


“Yudhishthira said, ’Tell me, O grandsire, if gifts, sacrifices, penances, and dutiful services returned to preceptors, are productive of wisdom and high felicity.’[543]

’Bhishma said, ’If the mind becomes affected by desire, wrath and other evil passions, it then runs towards sin.  If one’s acts are stained by sin, one is obliged to dwell in painful regions.  Sinful men take birth in indigent circumstances and repeatedly suffer the pangs of famine, woe, fear, and death.  Those that are virtuous in their acts, and possessed of faith, and that have their senses under control, become born as affluent men and repeatedly sport in festivities and heaven and happiness.  Unbelievers, with their arms manacled, are sent to regions rendered inaccessible by carnivorous beasts and elephants and full of terrors in consequence of snakes and robbers.  What more need be said of

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