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men, who hates good men and who hides himself from their view, never succeeds in obtaining any blessing and never understands the propriety of acts.  Thou knowest what the energy and the nobility of the Brahmana is as laid down in the Vedas and other scriptures.  Act now in such a way that tranquillity of heart may be thine and let Brahmanas be thy refuge, If the Brahmanas cease to be angry with thee, that will ensure thy felicity in heaven.  If, again, thou repentest in sin, thy sight will be clear and thou wilt succeed in beholding righteousness.’

“Janamejaya said, ’I am repenting of my sins.  I will never again seek to extinguish virtue.  I desire to obtain blessedness.  Be thou gratified with me.’

“Saunaka said, ’Dispelling arrogance and pride, O king, I wish thee to show regard for me![441] Employ thyself in the good of all creatures, ever remembering the mandates of righteousness.  I am not reproving thee from fear or narrowness of mind or covetousness.  Listen now, with these Brahmanas here, to the words of truth I utter.  I do not ask for anything.  I shall, however, instruct thee in the ways of righteousness.  All persons will croak and bray and cry fie on me (for what I am going to do).  They will even call me sinful.  My kinsmen and friends will discard me.[442] Without doubt, however, my kinsmen and friends, hearing the words I speak, will succeed in vigorously crossing the difficulties of life.  Some that are possessed of great wisdom will understand (my motives) rightly.  Know, O child, what my views are, O Bharata, in respect of the Brahmanas.  Do thou (after listening to me) act in such away that they may, through my efforts, obtain every blessing.  Do thou also, O king, pledge thy word that thou wilt not again injure the Brahmanas.’

“Janamejaya said, ’I swear, touching even thy feet, that I shall never again, in thought, word, or deed, injure the Brahmanas.’”


“Saunaka said, ’I shall for these reasons discourse to thee of righteousness, to thee whose heart has been exceedingly agitated.  Possessed of knowledge and great strength, and with a contented heart, thou seekest righteousness of thy own will.  A king, first becoming exceedingly stern, then shows compassion and does good to all creatures by his acts.  This is certainly very wonderful.  People say that that king who commences with sternness burns the whole world.  Thou wert stern before.  But thou turnest thy eyes on righteousness now.  Forsaking luxurious food and all articles of enjoyment, thou hast betaken thyself for a long time to rigid penances.  All this, O Janamejaya, is certain to appear wonderful to those kings that are sunk in sin.  That he who has affluence should become liberal, or that he who is endued with wealth of asceticism should become reluctant to spend it, is not at all wonderful.  It has been said that the one does not live at a distance

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