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of thy acts.  All the hopes thy sires had placed upon thee have become fruitless.  Thou livest in vain, for thou art always inspired with hatred and malice towards the Brahmanas—­them, that is, by worshipping whom other men obtain long life, fame, and heaven.  Leaving this world (when the time comes), thou shalt have to fall (into hell) with head downwards and remain in that posture for innumerable years in consequence of thy sinful deeds.  There thou shalt be tortured by vultures and peacocks having iron beaks.  Returning thence into this world, thou shalt have to take birth in a wretched order of creatures.  If thou thinkest, O king, that this world is nothing and that the next world is the shadow of a shadow, the myrmidons of Yama in the infernal regions will convince thee, dispelling thy unbelief.’”


“Bhishma said, ’Thus addressed, Janamejaya replied unto the sage, saying, ’Thou rebukest one that deserves to be rebuked.  Thou censurest one that is deserving of censure.  Thou upbraidest me and my acts.  I implore thee to be graceful towards me.  All my acts have been sinful.  I burn, however, with repentance as if I am in the midst of blazing fire!  My mind, in remembrance of my deeds, is exceedingly cheerless.  Verily, I am much afraid of Yama.  How can I bear to live without extracting that dart from my heart?  O Saunaka, suppressing all thy wrath, instruct me now.  Formerly I used to show regard for Brahmanas.  I solemnly declare that I shall once more show the same regard for thee.  Let not my line be extinct.  Let not the race in which I am born sink into the dust.  It is not proper that they who have wronged Brahmanas and have for that, in consequence of the injunctions of the Vedas, forfeited all claim to the respect of the world and to social intercourse with their fellowmen, should have any bearer of their names for continuing their races.  I am overwhelmed with despair.  I, therefore, repeat my resolves (about mending my conduct).  I pray you to protect me like sages that do not accept gifts protecting the poor.  Sinful wights abstaining from sacrifices never attain to heaven.[439] Leaving (this world), they have to pass their time in the pits of hell like Pullindas and Khasas.[440] Ignorant that I am, give me wisdom like a learned preceptor to his pupil or like a sire to his son.  Be gratified with me, O Saunaka!’

“Saunaka said, ’What wonder is there that a person destitute of wisdom should do many improper acts?  Knowing this, a. person of real wisdom is never angry with creatures (when they become guilty of folly).  By ascending upon the top of wisdom’s palace, one grieves for others, one’s own self being then too pure for becoming an object of other people’s grief.  In consequence of one’s wisdom one surveys all creatures in the world like a person on a mountain-top surveying people below.  The person who becomes an object of censure with good

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