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“The Brahmana said, ’If, the king, thou hast been gratified with me and if thou wishest to do what is agreeable to me, I desire then to acquire thy behaviour.  Even this is the boon that I solicit.[380] At this, though delighted, Prahlada became filled with a great fear.  Indeed, when this boon was indicated by the Brahmana, the Daitya chief thought the solicitor could not be a person of ordinary energy.  Wondering much, Prahlada at last said, ‘Let it be so.’  Having, however, granted the boon, the Daitya chief became filled with grief.  The Brahmana, having received the boon, went away, but Prahlada, O king, became penetrated by a deep anxiety and knew not what to do.  While the Daitya chief sat brooding over the matter, a flame of light issued out of his body.  It had a shadowy form of great splendour and huge proportions.  Prahlada asked the form, saying, ‘Who art thou?’ The form answered, saying, ’I am the embodiment of thy Behaviour.  Cast off by thee I am going away.  I shall henceforth, O king, dwell in that faultless and foremost of Brahmanas who had become thy devoted disciple.’  Having said these words, the form disappeared and soon after entered the body of Sakra.  After the disappearance of that form, another of similar shape issued out of Prahlada’s body.  The Daitya chief addressed it, saying, ‘Who art thou?’ The form answered, saying, ’Know me, O Prahlada, for the embodiment of Righteousness.  I shall go there where that foremost of Brahmanas is, for, O chief of the Daityas, I reside there where Behaviour dwells.’  Upon the disappearance of Righteousness, a third form, O monarch, blazing with splendour, issued out of the body of the high souled Prahlada.  Asked by Prahlada as to who he was, that form possessed of great effulgence answered, saying, ’Know, O chief of the Daityas, that I am Truth.  I shall leave thee, following the way of Righteousness.’  After Truth had left Prahlada, following in the wake of Righteousness, another great person issued out of Prahlada’s body.  Asked by the Daityas king, the mighty being answered, ’I am the embodiment of Good deeds.  Know, O Prahlada, that 1 live there where Truth lives.’  After this one had left Prahlada, another being came out, uttering loud and deep cries.  Addressed by Prahlada, he answered, ’Know that I am Might.  I dwell there where Good deeds are.’  ’Having said these words, Might went away to that place whither Good deeds had gone.  After this, a goddess of great effulgence issued out of Prahlada’s body.  The Daitya chief asked her and she answered him saying that she was the embodiment of Prosperity, adding, ’I dwelt in thee, O hero, O thou of prowess incapable of being baffled!  Cast off by thee, I shall follow in the wake of Might.’  The high-souled Prahlada, penetrated, with great fear, once more asked the goddess, saying, ’Where dost thou go, O goddess, O thou that dwellest amid lotuses?  Thou art ever devoted to truth, O goddess, and thou art the first of deities.  Who is that foremost of Brahmanas (who was my disciple)?  I desire to know the truth.’

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