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“Mandhatri said, ’In the world of men, such wicked men may be seen living in disguise among all the four orders and in all the four modes of life.’

“Indra said, ’Upon the disappearance of kingly duties and of the science of chastisement, all creatures became exceedingly afflicted, O sinless one, in consequence of the tyranny of kings.  After the expiry of this the Krita age, a confusion will set in, regarding the different modes of life, and innumerable Bhikshus will appear with sectarian marks of different kinds.  Disregarding the Puranas and the high truths of religion, men, urged by lust and wrath, will deviate into Wrong paths.  When sinful men are rest rained (from wicked acts) by high-souled persons with the aid of the science of chastisement, then religion, which is superior to everything and eternal, and which is the source of everything good, becomes firmly established.  The gifts, and libations, and offerings to the Pitris of the man that disregards the king who is superior to every one, become fruitless.  The very gods do not disregard a virtuous king who is truly an eternal god.  The divine Lord of all creatures, having created the universe, intended the Kshatriya to rule men regarding their inclinations and disinclinations in respect of duties.  I respect and worship that person who, aided by his understanding, watches the course of the duties performed by men.  Upon such supervision rest Kshatriya duties.’

“Bhishma continued, ’Having said these words, the divine and puissant Narayana in the form of Indra, accompanied by the Maruts, repaired to his eternal abode of inexhaustible felicity.  When, O sinless one, duties as practised by the good had such a course in days of old, what man of cleansed soul and learning is there that would disregard the Kshatriya?  Like blind men lost on the way, creatures acting and abstaining unrighteously meet with destruction.  O tiger among men, do thou adhere to that circle (of duties) that was first set agoing and to which the ancients had recourse.  I know, O sinless one, that thou art quite competent to do this.’


“Yudhishthira said, ’Thou hast spoken to me about the four modes of human life.  I desire to know more of-them.  Do thou discourse on them in detail.’

“Bhishma said, ’O Yudhishthira of mighty arms, all the duties that are practised in this world by the righteous are known to thee as they are known to me.  O foremost of virtuous persons, listen now to me about what thou askest, viz. the merit (that a king acquires) in consequence of the duties practised by others leading other modes of life.[206] All the merits, O son of Kunti, that belong to persons practising the duties of the four modes of life, attach, O foremost of men, to righteous kings.  A king who is not governed by lust and hate, who rules with the aid of the science of chastisement, and who looks equally on all creatures, O Yudhishthira, attains

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