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other shore, a region called Surparaka.  Kasyapa also, O monarch, having accepted the earth in gift, and made a present of it unto the Brahmanas, entered the great forest.  Then Sudras and Vaisyas, acting most wilfully, began to unite themselves, O bull of Bharata’s race, with the wives of Brahmanas.  When anarchy sets in on earth, the weak are oppressed by the strong, and no man is master of his own property.  Unprotected duly by Kshatriyas observant of virtue, and oppressed by the wicked in consequence of that disorder, the earth quickly sank to the lowest depths.  Beholding the earth sinking from fear, the high-souled Kasyapa held her on his lap; and since the great Rishi held her on his lap (uru) therefore is the earth known by the name of Urvi.  The goddess earth, for protection’s sake, gratified Kasyapa and begged of him a king.

“The Earth said, ’There are, O, regenerate one, some foremost of Kshatriyas concealed by me among women.  They were born in the race of Haihayas.  Let them, O sage, protect me.  There is another person of Puru’s race, viz., Viduratha’s son, O puissant one, who has been brought up among bears in the Rikshavat mountains.  Another, viz., the son of Saudasa, has been protected, through compassion, by Parasara of immeasurable energy and ever engaged in sacrifices.  Though born in one of the regenerate orders, yet like a Sudra he does everything for that Rishi and has, therefore, been named Sarvakarman (servant of all work).  Sivi’s son of great energy, viz., Gopati by name, has been brought up in the forest among kine.  Let him, O sage, protect me.  Pratardana’s son, named Vatsa of great might, has been brought up among calves in a cowpen.  Let that one of the royal order protect me.  Dadhivahana’s grandson and Diviratha’s son was concealed and protected on the banks of Ganga by the sage Gautama.  His name is Vrihadratha.  Possessed of great energy and adorned with numerous blessed qualities, that blessed prince has been protected by wolves and the mountains of Gridhrakuta.  Many Kshatriyas belonging to the race of Maratta have been protected.  Equal unto the lord of Maruts in energy, they have been brought up by Ocean.  These children of the Kshatriya order have been heard of as existing in different places.  They are living among artisans and goldsmiths.  If they protect me I shall then stay unmoved.  Their sires and grandsires have been slain for my sake by Rama Of great prowess.  It is my duty, O great sage, to see that their funeral rites are duly performed.  I do not desire that I should be protected by my present rulers.  Do thou, O sage, speedily make such arrangements that I may exist (as before).’

“Vasudeva continued, ’The sage Kasyapa then, seeking out those Kshatriyas of great energy whom the goddess had indicated, installed them duly as kings (for protecting her).  Those Kshatriya races that are now extent are the progeny of those princes.  That which thou hast questioned me, O son of Panda, happened in days of yore even thus.’

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