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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 2,413 pages of information about The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 3.
the ornament of thy forehead.  Thou hast snakes for the holy thread circling thy neck.  Thou art armed with Pinaka and trident.  Salutations to thy form of Fierceness!  Thou art the soul of all creatures.  Thou art the Creator and the Destroyer of all creatures.  Thou art without wrath, without enmity, without affection.  Salutations to thee in thy form of Peace!  Everything is in thee.  Everything is from thee.  Thyself art Everything.  Everywhere art thou.  Thou art always the All.  Salutations to thee in thy form as Everything!  Salutations to thee whose work is the universe, to thee that art the soul of the universe, to thee from whom hath sprung the universe, to thee that art the dissolution of all things, to thee that are beyond the five (elements that constitute all things)!  Salutations to thee that art the three worlds, to thee that art above the three worlds!  Salutations to thee that art all the directions!  Thou art all and thou art the one receptacle of All.  Salutations to thee, O divine Lord, O Vishnu, and O eternal origin of all the worlds!  Thou, O Hrishikesa, art the Creator, thou art the Destroyer, and thou art invincible.  I cannot behold that heavenly form in which thou art displayed in the Past, Present, and the Future.  I can, however, behold truly thy eternal form (as manifest in thy works).  Thou hast filled heaven with thy head, and the earth with thy feet:  with thy prowess thou hast filled the three worlds.  Thou art Eternal and thou pervadest everything in the universe.  The directions are thy arms, the Sun is thy eye, and prowess is thy vital fluid.  Thou art the lord of all creatures.  Thou standest, shutting up the seven paths of the Wind whose energy is immeasurable.  They are freed from all feats that worship thee, O Govinda of unfading prowess, thee that art attired in yellow robes of the colour of the Atasi flower.[154] Even one bending of the head unto thee, O Krishna, is equal to the completion of ten Horse-sacrifices.  The man that has performed ten Horse-sacrifices is not freed from the obligation of rebirth.  The man, however, that bows to Krishna escapes rebirth.  They that have Krishna for their vow, they that think of Krishna in the night, and upon rising from sleep, may be said to have Krishna for their body.  Those people (after death) enter Krishna’s self even as libations of clarified butter sanctified with mantras enter the blazing fire.  Salutations to thee that dispellest the fear of hell, to thee, O Vishnu, that art a boat unto them that are plunged amid the eddies of the ocean represented by worldly life!  Salutations to thee, O God, that art the Brahmana’s self, to thee that art the benefactor of Brahmanas and kine, to thee that art the benefactor of the universe, to thee that art Krishna and Govinda!  The two syllables Hari constitute the pecuniary stock of those that sojourn through the wilderness of life and the medicine that effectually cures all worldly, predilections, besides being the means that alleviate sorrow and grief.[155] As truth
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