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the gods, and the celestial Rishis know a little of thee.  Thou art the highest of the high and knowest no deterioration.  The gods, the Danavas, the Gandharvas, the Yakshas, the Pannagas, do not know who thou art and whence art thou.  All the worlds and all created things live in thee, and enter thee (when the dissolution comes).  Like gems strung together in a thread, all things that have attributes reside in thee, the Supreme Lord.’[138] Having the universe for thy work and the universe for thy limbs, this universe consisting of mind and matter resides in thy eternal and all-pervading soul like a number of flowers strung together in a strong thread.  Thou art called Hari, of a thousand heads, a thousand feet, a thousand eyes, a thousand arms, a thousand crowns, and a thousand faces of great splendour.  Thou art called Narayana, divinity, and the refuge of the universe.  Thou art the subtlest of the subtle, grossest of the gross, the heaviest of the heavy and the highest of the high.  In the Vaks, the Anuvaks, the Nishads, and Upanishads, thou art regarded as the Supreme Being of irresistible force.  In the Samans also, whose declarations are always true, thou art regarded as Truth’s self![139] Thou art of quadruple soul.  Thou art displayed in only the understanding (of all creatures).  Thou art the Lord of those that are bound to thee in faith.  O God, thou art adored (by the faithful) under four excellent, high, and secret names.[140] Penances are ever present in thee.  Performed (by other creatures for gratifying thee), penances live in thy form.  Thou art the Universal Soul.  Thou art of universal knowledge.  Thou art the universe.  Thou art omniscient.  Thou art the creator of everything in the universe.[141] Like a couple of sticks generating a blazing fire, thou hast been born of the divine Devaki and Vasudeva for the protection of Brahma on earth.[142] For this eternal salvation, the devout worshipper, with mind withdrawn from everything else and casting off all desires, beholds thee, O Govinda, that art the pure Soul, in his own soul.  Thou transcendest Surya in glory.  Thou art beyond the ken of the senses and the understanding.  O Lord of all creatures, I place myself in thy hands.  In the Puranas thou hast been spoken as Purusha (all-pervading spirit).  On occasions of the commencement of the Yugas, thou art said to be Brahma, while on occasions of universal dissolution thou art spoken of as Sankarshana.  Adorable thou art, and therefore I adore thee.  Though one, thou hast yet been born in innumerable forms.  Thou hast thy passions under complete control.  Thy devout worshippers, faithfully performing the rites laid down in the scriptures, sacrifice to thee, O giver of every wish!  Thou art called the sheath within which the universe lies.  All created things live in thee.  Like swans and ducks swimming on the water, all the worlds that we see float in thee.  Thou art Truth.  Thou art One and undeteriorating.  Thou art Brahma, Thou art That which is beyond Mind
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