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with morality and duty, of him, O bull of Bharata’s race, who knows the Past, the Future, and the Present.  After that tiger among kings shall have, in consequences of his own achievements, ascended to heaven, the earth, O son of Pritha, will look like a moonless night.  Therefore, O Yudhishthira, submissively approaching Ganga’s son, viz., Bhishma of terrible prowess, question him about what thou mayst desire to learn.  O lord of the earth, enquire of him about the four branches of knowledge (in respect of morality, profit., pleasure and salvation), about the sacrifices and the rites laid down for the four orders, about the four modes of life, and about the kingly duties in full.  When Bhishma, that foremost one of Kuru’s race, will disappear from the world, every kind of knowledge will disappear with him.  It is for this that I urge thee (to go to him now).’  Hearing these beneficial words of high import from Vasudeva, the righteous Yudhishthira, with voice choked in tears, answered Janardana, saying, ’What thou hast said, O Madhava, about the eminence of Bhishma, is perfectly true.  I have not the slightest doubt regarding it.  Indeed, I had heard of the high blessedness, as also the greatness, of the illustrious Bhishma from high-souled Brahmanas discoursing upon it.  Thou, O slayer of foes, art the Creator of all the worlds.  There cannot, therefore, O delighter of the Yadavas, be the slightest doubt in what thou sayest.  If thy heart be inclined to show grace, O Madhava, then we shall go unto Bhishma with thyself at our head.  When the divine Surya shall have turned towards the north, Bhishma will leave (this world), for those regions of bliss that he has won.  That descendant of Kuru’s race, therefore, O mighty-armed one, deserves to have a sight of thee. (If thou grantest my prayer), Bhishma will then obtain a sight of thee that art the first of Gods, of thee that art destructible and indestructible.  Indeed, O lord, thou it is that art the vast receptacle of Brahma.’”

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Hearing these words of king Yudhishthira the just, the slayer of Madhu addressed Satyaki who was sitting beside him, saying, ‘Let my car be yoked.’  At this, Satyaki quickly left Kesava’s presence and going out, commanded Daruka, saying, ’Let Krishna’s car be made ready.’  Hearing the words of Satyaki, Daruka speedily yoked Krishna’s car.  That foremost of vehicles, adorned with gold, decked with a profusion of emeralds, and moon-gems and sun-gems, furnished with wheels covered with gold, possessed of effulgence, fleet as the wind, set in the middle with diverse other kinds of jewels, beautiful as the morning sun, equipped with a beautiful standard topped by Garuda, and gay with numerous banners, had those foremost of steeds, fleet as thought, viz., Sugriva and Saivya and the other two, in trappings of gold, yoked unto it.  Having yoked it, O tiger, among kings, Daruka, with joined hands, informed Krishna of the fact.’

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