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“Vasudeva continued, ’The illustrious Rishi Narada, who was himself an actor in this matter, is here.  O best of men, asked by thee, he will tell thee everything that happened.’”


Vaisampayana said, “The royal son of Pandu then addressed Narada, saying, ’O holy one, I desire to hear of the birth of the child whose excreta were gold.’  Thus addressed by king Yudhishthira the just, the sage Narada began to narrate to him all that had occurred in connection with that child of golden excreta.

“Narada said, ’It is even so, O thou of mighty arms, as Kesava here hath said.  Asked by thee I shall now recite the portion that remains of this story.  Myself, and my sister’s son, the great ascetic Parvata, came (on one occasion) unto Srinjaya that foremost of all victorious kings, for dwelling with him.  Honoured by him with due rites, and with every wish of ours gratified, we took up our residence in his abode.  After the season of rains had gone, and when the time came for our own departure, Parvata said unto me those words of grave import suitable to the hour:  ’We have, O Brahmana, dwelt in the abode of this king for some time, highly honoured by him.  Think of what return we should make.’  I then, O monarch, addressed Parvata of blessed aspect, saying, ’O nephew, this becomes thee, and, O thou of great power, all this depends upon thyself.  Through thy boons let the king be made happy and let him obtain his wishes.  Or, if thou choosest, let him be crowned with success through the ascetic merits of both of us.’  After this, Parvata having called king Srinjaya, that foremost of victorious persons, said unto him these words O bull of Kuru’s race, ’We have been exceedingly gratified, O king, with thy hospitable attentions given to us with every sincerity.  With our permission, O foremost of men, think of the boon thou shouldst solicit.  Let the boon, however, be such that it may not imply enmity to the gods or destruction to men!  Accept then, O king, a boon, for thou deservest one as we think.’  Hearing these words, Srinjaya replied, ’If ye have been gratified with me, my object then has been gained, for that of itself has been my greatest gain and that is regarded by me as the fruition of all my desire.’  Unto Srinjaya who said so, Parvata again said, ’Solicit, O king, the fruition of that wish which thou art cherishing in thy heart, for a long time.’  Srinjaya answered, ’I desire a son that shall be heroic and possessed of great energy, firm in his vows and of long life, highly blessed and possessed of splendour equal to that of the Chief himself of the deities.’  At this, Parvata said, ’This thy desire shall be fulfilled.  Thy child, however, shall not be long-lived, for thy wish for such a son is even for prevailing over the Chief of the gods.  Thy son shall be known by the name of Suvarnashthivin.  He shall be possessed of splendour like that of the Chief of the gods but take care to protect him always

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