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times of bliss, or glad during times of woe.  It seems that Destiny is all-powerful.  Or, if it be thy nature, in consequence of which thou art thus afflicted, how is it that it does not behove thee to recollect the sight thou sawest before, viz., the scantily-clad Krishna dragged, while in her season, before the assembly.[43] Why does it not behove thee to recollect our expulsion from the (Kuru) city and our exile (into the woods) dressed in deerskins, as also our living in the great forests?  Why hast thou forgotten the woes inflicted by Jatasura, the battle with Chitrasena, and the distress suffered at the hands of the Sindhu king?  Why hast thou forgotten the kick received by the princess Draupadi from Kichaka white we were living in concealment?  A fierce battle, O chastiser of foes, like that which thou hast fought with Bhishma and Drona is now before thee, to be fought (however) with thy mind alone.  In deed, that battle is now before thee in which there is no need of arrows, of friends, of relatives and kinsmen, but which will have to be fought with thy mind alone.  If thou givest up thy life-breath before conquering in this battle, then, assuming another body, thou shalt have to fight these very foes again.[44] Therefore, fight that battle this very day, O bull of Bharata’s race, disregarding the concerns of thy body, and aided by thy own acts, conquer and identify with thy mind’s foe.[45] If thou canst not win that battle, what wilt be thy condition?  On the other hand, by winning it, O monarch, thou shalt have attained the great end of life.  Applying thy intellect to this, and ascertaining the right and the wrong paths of creatures, follow thou the course adopted by thy sire before thee and govern properly thy kingdom.  By good luck, O king, the sinful Duryodhana hath been stain with all his followers.  By good luck, thou too hast attained to the condition of Draupadi’s locks.[46] Perform with due rites and profuse presents the horse-sacrifice.  We, are thy servants, O son of Pritha, as also Vasudeva of great energy!’”


“Yudhishthira said, ’Discontent, heedless attachment to earthly goods, the absence of tranquillity, might, folly, vanity, and anxiety,—­affected by these sins, O Bhima, thou covetest sovereignty.  Freed from desire, prevailing over joy and grief and attaining to tranquillity, strive thou to be happy.  That peerless monarch who will govern this unbounded earth, will have but one stomach.  Why dost thou then applaud this course of life?  One’s desires, O bull of Bharata’s race, are incapable of being filled in a day, or in many months.  Desire, which is incapable of gratification, cannot, indeed, be fitted in course of one’s whole life.  Fire, when fed with fuel, blazeth forth; when not so fed, it is extinguished.  Do thou, therefore, extinguish with little food the fire in thy stomach when it appears.  He that is bereft of wisdom seeks

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