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all of us are ruined by the slaughter of that high-souled monarch.  Alas, Time is all-powerful, and crooked in his course, since all our allies, endued with might equal to that of Shakra himself, have been slain by the Pandavas.’  Seeing Sanjaya come back to the city, O king, in that distressful plight, all the people, O best of kings, filled with great anxiety, wept loudly, saying, ’Alas, O king!  The whole city, O tiger among men, including the very children, hearing of Duryodhana’s death, sent forth notes of lamentation from every side.  We then beheld all the men and women running about, deeply afflicted with grief, their senses gone, and resembling people that are demented.’  The Suta Sanjaya then, deeply agitated, entered the abode of the king and beheld that foremost of monarchs, that lord of men, having wisdom for his eyes.  Beholding the sinless monarch, that chief of Bharata’s race, seated, surrounded by his daughters-in-law and Gandhari and Vidura and by other friends and kinsmen that were always his well-wishers, and engaged in thinking on that very subject—­the death of Karna—­the Suta Sanjaya, with heart filled with grief, O Janamejaya, weepingly and in a voice choked with tears, said unto him, ’I am Sanjaya, O tiger among men.  I bow to thee, O bull of Bharata’s race.  The ruler of the Madras, Shalya, hath been slain.  Similarly, Subala’s son Shakuni, and Uluka, O tiger among men, that valiant son of the gamester (Shakuni), have been slain.  All the Samsaptakas, the Kambojas together with the Sakas, the Mlecchas, the Mountaineers, and the Yavanas, have also been slain.  The Easterners have been slain, O monarch, and all the Southerners.  The Northerners have all been slain, as also the Westerners, O ruler of men.  All the kings and all the princes have been slain, O monarch.  King Duryodhana also has been slain by the son of Pandu after the manner he had vowed.  With his thighs broken, O monarch, he lieth now on the dust, covered with blood.  Dhrishtadyumna also hath been slain, O king, as also the vanquished Shikhandi.  Uttamauja and Yudhamanyu, O king, and the Prabhadrakas, and those tiger among men, the Pancalas, and the Cedis, have been destroyed.  The sons have all been slain as also the (five) sons of Draupadi, O Bharata.  The heroic and mighty son of Karna, Vrishasena, hath been slain.  All the men that had been assembled have been slain.  All the elephants have been destroyed.  All the car-warriors, O tiger among men, and all the steeds, have fallen in battle.  Very few are alive on thy side, O lord.  In consequence of the Pandavas and the Kauravas having encountered each other, the world, stupefied by Time, now consists of only women.  On the side of the Pandavas seven are alive, they are the five Pandava brothers, and Vasudeva, and Satyaki and amongst the Dhartarashtras three are so, Kripa, Kritavarma, and Drona’s son, that foremost of victors.  These three car-warriors, O monarch, are all that survive, O best of kings, of all the akshauhinis mustered on thy side, O ruler of men.  These are the survivors, O monarch, the rest have perished.  Making Duryodhana and his hostility (towards the Pandavas) the cause, the world, it seems, hath been destroyed, O bull of Bharata’s race, by Time.’”

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