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kings, it is seen that the puissant Narayana is the one sole object of exposition.  According to the scriptures of these cults and the measure of knowledge they contain, Narayana is the one sole object of worship they inculcate.  Those persons whose visions, O king, are blinded by darkness, fail to understand that Narayana is the Supreme Soul pervading the entire universe.  Those persons of wisdom who are the authors of the scriptures say that Narayana, who is a Rishi, is the one object of reverent worship in the universe.  I say that there is no other being like Him.  The Supreme Deity, called by the name of Hari, resides in the hearts of those that have succeeded (with the aid of the scriptures and of inference) in dispelling all doubts.  Madhava never resides in the hearts of those that are under the sway of doubts and that would dispute away everything with the aid of false dialectics.  They that are conversant with the Pancharatra scriptures, that are duly observant of the duties laid down therein, and that are devoted to Narayana with their whole souls, succeed in entering into Narayana.  The Sankhya and the Yoga systems are eternal.  All the Vedas, again, O monarch, are eternal.  The Rishis, in all these systems of cult, have declared that this universe existing from ancient times is Narayana’s self.  Thou shouldst know that whether acts, good or bad, are laid down in the Vedas and occurrence in heaven and Earth, between the sky and the waters, are all caused by and flow from that ancient Rishi Narayana.


Janamejaya said, “O regenerate one, are there many Purushas or is there only one?  Who, in the universe, is the foremost of Purushas?  What, again, is said to be the source of all things?”

Vaisampayana said, In the speculations of the Sankhya and the Yoga systems many Purushas have been spoken of, O jewel of Kuru’s race.  Those that follow these systems do not accept that there is but one Purusha in the universe.[1916] In the same manner in which the many Purushas are said to have one origin in the Supreme Purusha, it may be said that this entire universe is identical with that one Purusha of superior attributes.  I shall explain this now, after bowing to my preceptor Vyasa, that foremost of Rishis, who is conversant with the soul, endued with penances, self-restrained, and worthy of reverent worship.  This speculation on Purusha, O king, occurs in all the Vedas.  It is well known to be identical with Rita and Truth.  The foremost of Rishis, viz., Vyasa, has thought upon it.  Having occupied themselves with reflection on what is called Adhyatma, diverse Rishis, O king, having Kapila for their first, have declared their opinions on the topic both generally and particularly.  Through the grace of Vyasa of immeasurable energy, I shall expound to thee what Vyasa has said in brief on this question of the Oneness of Purusha.  In this connection is cited the old

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