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made of Kusa grass that had been offered unto him.  After this, those two Rishis that were the abode of penances, of famous achievements, and of energy,—­and were endued with tranquillity of heart and self-restraint, went through their morning rites.  They then, with controlled hearts, worshipped Narada with water to wash his feet and the usual ingredients of the Arghya.  Having finished their morning rites and the observances necessary for receiving their guest, they sat down on two seats made of wooden planks.[1886] When those two Rishis took their seats, that place began to shine with peculiar beauty even as the sacrificial altar shines with beauty in consequence of the sacred fires when libations of clarified butter are poured upon them.  Then Narayana, seeing Narada refreshed from fatigue and seated at his ease and well-pleased with the rites of hospitality he had received, addressed him, saying these words.

“Nara and Narayana said, ’Hast thou seen in white Island the Paramatma (Supreme Soul), who is eternal and divine, and who is the high source whence we have sprung?’

“Narada said, ’I have seen that beautiful Being who is immutable and who has the universe for his form.  In Him dwell all the worlds, and all the deities with the Rishis.  Even now I behold that immutable Being, in beholding you two.  Those marks and indications that characterise Hari himself of undisplayed form, characterise you two that are endued with forms displayed before the senses.[1887] Verily, I behold both of you by the side of that great God.  Dismissed by the Supreme Soul, I have today come hither.  In energy and fame and beauty, who else in the three worlds can equal Him than you two that have been born in the race of Dharma?  He has told me the entire course of duties having reference to Kshetrajna.  He has also told me of all those incarnations which he will, in the future, have in this world.  The inhabitants of White Island, whom I have seen, are all divested of the five senses that are owned by ordinary persons.  All of them are of awakened souls, endued as they are with true knowledge.  They are, again, entirely devoted to the foremost of Beings, viz., the Supreme Lord of the universe.  They are always engaged in worshipping that great Deity, and the latter always sports with them.  The holy and Supreme Soul is always fond of those that are devoted to him.  He is fond also of the regenerate ones.  Always fond of those that are devoted to Him, He sports with those worshippers of His.  Enjoyer of the universe, pervading everything, the illustrious Madhava is ever affectionate towards his worshippers.  He is the Actor; He is the Cause; and He is the effect.  He is endued with omnipotence and immeasurable splendour.  He is the Cause whence all things spring.  He is the embodiment of all the scriptural ordinances.  He is the embodiment of all the topics.  He is possessed of great fame.  Uniting Himself with penances, He has illumined Himself

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