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“Suka said,—­I have succeeded in beholding the path (of Emancipation), I have addrest myself to it.  Blessed be thou, O thou of wealth of penances!  I shall, through thy grace, O thou of great splendour, attain to an end that is highly desirable!”

“Bhishma said,—­’Having received the permission of Narada, Suka the son of the Island-born Vyasa saluted the celestial Rishi and once more set himself to Yoga and entered the element of space.  Ascending then from the breast of the Kailasa mountain, he soared into the sky.  Capable of traversing through the welkin, the blessed Suka of fixed conclusion, then identified himself with the element of Wind.  As that foremost of regenerate ones, possessed of effulgence like that of Garuda, was traversing through the skies with the speed of the wind or thought, all creatures, cast their eyes upon him.  Endued with the splendour of fire or the Sun, Suka then regarded the three worlds in their entirety as one homogenous Brahma, and proceeded along that path of great length.  Indeed, all creatures mobile and immobile, cast their eyes upon him as he proceeded with concentrated attention, and a tranquil and fearless soul.  All creatures, agreeably to the ordinance and according to their power, worshipped him with reverence.  The denizens of heaven rained showers of celestial flowers upon him.  Beholding him, all the tribes of Apsaras and Gandharvas became filled with wonder.  The Rishis also, that were crowned with success, became equally amazed.  And they asked themselves,—­who is this one that has attained to success by his penances?—­With gaze with-drawn from his own body but turned upwards he is filling us all with pleasure by his glances!—­Of highly righteous soul and celebrated through-out the three worlds, Suka proceeded in silence, his face turned towards the East and gaze directed towards the sun.  As he proceeded, he seemed to fill the entire welkin with an all-pervading noise.  Beholding him coming in that way, all the tribes of the Apsaras, struck with awe, O king, became filled with amazement.  Headed by Panchachuda and others, they looked at Suka with eyes expanded by wonder.  And they asked one another, saying;—­What deity is this one that has attained to such a high end?  Without doubt, he comes hither, freed from all attachments and emancipated from all desires!—­Suka then proceeded to the Malaya mountains where Urvasi and Purvachitti used to dwell always.  Both of them beholding the energy of the son of the great regenerate Rishi, became filled with wonder.  And they said,—­Wonderful is this concentration of attention (to Yoga) of a regenerate youth who was accustomed to the recitation and study of the Vedas!  Soon will he traverse the entire welkin like the Moon.  It was by dutiful service and humble ministrations towards his sire that he acquired this excellent understanding.  He is firmly attached to his sire, possessed of austere penances, and is very much loved by his sire.  Alas, why has he been dismissed by his inattentive

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