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death that very day.  If, without any perceptible cause a stream of tears suddenly flows from one’s left eye, and if vapours be seen to issue from one’s head, that is a sure indication that the man will die before that day expires.  Knowing all these premonitory symptoms, the man of cleansed soul should day and night unite his soul with the Supreme Soul (in Samadhi).  Thus should he go on till the day-comes for his dissolution.  If, however, instead of wishing to die he desires to live in this world, he casts off all enjoyments,—­all scents and tastes,—­O king, and lives on in abstinence.  He thus conquers death by fixing his soul on the Supreme Soul.  Indeed, the man, who is blessed with knowledge of the Soul, O monarch, practises the course of life recommended by the Sankhyas and conquers death by uniting his soul with the Supreme Soul.  At last, he attains to what is entirely indestructible, which is without birth, which is auspicious, and immutable, and eternal, and stable, and which is incapable of being attained to by men of uncleansed souls.’”


“Yajnavalkya said, ’Thou hast asked me, O monarch, of that Supreme Brahma which resides in the Unmanifest.  Thy question relates to a deep mystery.  Listen to me with close attention, O king!  Having conducted myself with humility according to the ordinances laid down by the Rishis I obtained the Yajushes, O king, from Surya.  Without the austerest penances I formerly adored the heat-giving deity.  The puissant Surya, O sinless one, gratified with me, saying,—­Solicit thou, O regenerate Rishi, the boon upon which thou hast set thy heart, however, difficult it may be of acquisition, I shall, with cheerful Soul, grant it to thee.  It is very difficult to incline me to grace!  Bowing unto him with a bend of my head, that foremost of heat-giving luminaries was addressed by me in these words, I have no knowledge of the Yajushes.  I desire to know them without loss of time!—­The holy one, thus solicited, told me,—­I shall impart the Yajushes unto thee.  Made up of the essence of speech, the goddess Saraswati will enter into thy body.  The deity then commanded me to open my mouth.  I did as I was commanded.  The goddess Saraswati then entered into my body, O sinless one.  At this, I began to burn.  Unable to endure the pain I plunged into a stream.  Not understanding that what the high-souled Surya had done for me was for my good, I became even angry with him.  While I was burning with the energy of the goddess, the holy Surya told me,—­Do thou endure this burning sensation for only a little while.  That will soon cease and thou wilt be cool.  Indeed I became cool.  Seeing me restored to ease, the Maker of light said unto me,—­The whole Vedas, with even those parts that are regarded as its appendix, together with the Upanishads, will appear in thee by inward light, O regenerate one!  The entire Satapathas also thou wilt edit, O foremost of regenerate

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