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with Yoga-success, entered the person of Kuvera, and depriving the lord of treasures of his liberty by means of Yoga, robbed him of all his wealth.[1492] Seeing his wealth taken away from him, the lord of treasures became highly displeased.  Filled with anxiety, and his wrath also being excited, he went to that foremost of gods, viz., Mahadeva.  Kuvera, represented the matter unto Siva of immeasurable energy, that first of gods, fierce and amiable, and possessed of various forms.  And he said, ’Usanas, having spiritualised himself by Yoga entered my form and depriving myself of liberty, has taken away all my wealth.  Having by Yoga entered my body he has again left it.’  Hearing these words, Maheswara of supreme Yoga-powers became filled with rage.  His eyes, O king, became blood-red, and taking up his lance he waited (ready to strike down Usanas).  Indeed, having taken up that foremost of weapons, the great god began to say, ‘Where is he?  Where is he?’ Meanwhile, Usanas, having ascertained the purpose of Mahadeva (through Yoga-power) from a distance, waited in silence.  Indeed, having ascertained the fact of the wrath of the high-souled Maheswara of superior Yoga-power, the puissant Usanas began to reflect as to whether he should go to Maheswara or fly away or remain where he was.  Thinking, with the aid of his severe penances, of the high-souled Mahadeva, Usanas of soul crowned with Yoga-success, placed himself on the point of Mahadeva’s lance.  The bow-armed Rudra, understanding that Usanas, whose penances had become successful and who had converted himself into the form of pure Knowledge, was staying at the point of his lance (and finding that he was unable to hurl the lance at one who was upon it), bent that weapon with hand.  When the fierce-armed and puissant Mahadeva of immeasurable energy had thus bent his lance (into the form of a bow), that weapon came to be called from that time by the name of Pinaka.[1493] The lord of Uma, beholding Bhargava thus brought upon the palm of his hand, opened his mouth.  The chief of the gods then threw Bhargava into his mouth and swallowed him at once.  The puissant and high-souled Usanas of Bhrigu’s race, entering the stomach of Maheswara, began to wander there.’

“Yudhishthira said, ’How, O king, could Usanas succeed in wandering within the stomach of that foremost of superior intelligence?  What also did that illustrious god do while the Brahmana was within his stomach?’[1494]

“Bhishma said, ’In days of yore (having swallowed up Usanas), Mahadeva of severe vows entered the waters and remained there like an immovable stake of wood, O king, for millions of years (engaged in Yoga-meditation).  His Yoga penances of the austerest type having been over, he rose from the mighty lake.  Then that primeval god of the gods, viz., the eternal Brahman, approached him, and enquired after the progress of his penances and after his welfare.  The deity having the bull for his emblem answered,

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