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“Daksha said, ’We have many Rudras armed with lances and bearing matted locks on their heads.  They are eleven in number.  I know them all, but I do not know who this (new Rudra) Maheswara is.’

“Dadhichi said, ’This seems to be the counsel of all that are here, viz., that Maheswara should not be invited.  As, however, I do not behold any god that can be said to be superior to him.  I am sure that this proposed Sacrifice of Daksha will certainly be overtaken by destruction.’

“Daksha said, ’Here, in this vessel of gold, intended for the Lord of all Sacrifices, is the sacrificial offering sanctified by mantras and (rites) according to the ordinance.  I intend to make this offering unto Vishnu who is beyond compare.  He is puissant and the Master of all, and unto Him should sacrifices be performed.’

‘Meanwhile,’ continued Vaisampayana, ’the goddess Uma, sitting with her lord, said these words.’

“Uma said, ’What are those gifts, what those vows, and what are those penances, that I should make or undergo by means of which my illustrious husband may be able to obtain a half or a third share of the offerings in sacrifices.  Unto his wife who was agitated with grief and who repeated these words the illustrious Mahadeva said with a joyous countenance, ’Thou dost not know me, O goddess!  Thou knowest not, O thou of delicate limbs and low belly, what words are proper to be addressed to the Lord of Sacrifices.  O lady of large eyes, I know that it is only the sinful, who are bereft of contemplation, that do not understand me.[1404] It is through thy power of illusion that the deities with Indra at their head and the three worlds all become stupefied.[1405] It is to me that the chanters utter their praises in Sacrifices.  It is to me that the Saman-singers sing their Rathantaras.  It is to me that Brahmanas conversant with the Vedas perform their Sacrifices.  And it is to me that the Adhvaryus dedicate the shares of sacrificial offerings.’

“The goddess said, ’Persons of even ordinary abilities applaud themselves and indulge in the presence of their spouses.  There is no doubt in this.’

“The holy one said, ’O Queen of all the gods, I do not certainly applaud my ownself.  Behold now, O lady of slender waist, what I do.  Behold the Being that I will create, O thou of the fairest complexion, for (destroying) this Sacrifice (that has displeased thee), O my beautiful spouse.

“Having said these words unto his spouse Uma who was dearer to him than his own life, the puissant Mahadeva created from his mouth a terrible Being whose very sight could make one’s hair stand on its end.  The blazing flames that emanated from his body rendered him exceedingly awful to behold.  His arms were many in number and in each was a weapon that struck the beholder with fear.  That Being, thus created, stood before the great god, with joined hands, and said, ’What commands shall I have to accomplish?’ Maheswara answered him, saying,

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